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🆕 Way of thinking, less manager, more mentors and coaches
💡 The true impact of small acts of kindness
😴 Pepsi’s anti energy drink
5️⃣ Roles that will ensure success in 2021
⏯ The most popular YouTubers in every country mapped out

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The Must-Read Stories Of The Week

  1. Why your company needs fewer managers and more coaches and mentors 💯 - Link

  2. The 5 roles that will be essential for 2021 👏- Link

  3. Small acts of kindness benefits the whole org not just the giver and receiver ✅ - Link
    As you know, I am a bigger believer in company culture and how to get the most out of it, little free tip; give your team’s micro budgets to continue sending gifts and saying thank you’s.

  4. What really happened with the shortages and stockpiling 🤨 - Link

  5. Here are 7️⃣ Marketing articles I have written recently to help you and your team progress 💪- Link
    Covers development, coaching, mentoring, the right process to follow, and lessons I learned from 2 decades of marketing
    — Including my recommended read: The 7 brand classes Unknown, Noticed, Seen, Heard, Known, Loved, Hated  

  6. Why the nostalgic logo is back 🙃- Link

  7. Pepsi is launching a new sleep drink, yes “sleep water” 💤 - Link
    While everyone is heading into energy drinks and more caffeine, zagging into sleep aids is a smart move by Pepsi with Driftwell.

  8. Each country’s most popular YouTuber’s mapped out 🗺 - Link

  9. The fishes that walk on the ground 🐠 - Link

  10. Loyal Soldier - a story of what’s next for professional athletes when retirement hits and how it flips their world upside down 😞 - Link

  11. Face mask recognition is now here, powered by AI and algorithms 🤖-  Link
    — Here is a good read about how algorithms are impacting our days, even to what we write and the language we use 🗣- Link

  12. Podcasts seem to divide people, some love them to an obsessive level (coughs me) others just are not fussed. Westwood One (not the DJ) released their report this week and shows Apple are losing their dominance to Spotify and YouTube 🎙 - Report Link

  13. A good read on what happens when no-one is in NYC cabs 🚕 - Link

  14. Here’s a good thread about the early days of Amazon and the importance of everyone mucking in 👥-

A quick apology, last week while editing the newsletter stories down and I removed one headline but forgot to change the link.
The stories: How TikTok actually works - Link & - ADD/ADHD and Its Relationship to Hoarding - Link

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