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Hello and welcome to Must Reads, weekend edition, where I share the top 5 must reads from Friday’s newsletter and offer 3 must reads.

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This Weekend 3 Must Reads

  1. Whatever you can buy on Amazon, it will drive footfall 👄- Link
    ~ Interesting spin in and around product and product discovery

  2. Why Marissa Mayer & former right-hand man believe Contacts is the next big app and opportunity 📖 - Link
    ~ Marissa Mayer is the ex Yahoo CEO and famously the Product leader from Google (Gmail PM), her first big launch is an app centralising your contacts and adding context to them. Isn’t the first, but smartly tackling your contacts and relationships.

  3. Google’s way to combat stress & burn out, no meetings week 🤨 - Link
    ~ Two extra days off is good providing staff can get their work done in less time. Although from experience, one day of no meetings struggle to actually happen, unless the most senior leaders lead by example, no meeting days or weeks rarely works.


5 Most Read From This Week’s Must Reads

  1. Is everyday causal workwear here to stay? Likely - Link

  2. The highest-paid dead celebrities - Link

  3. 5 questions to ask yourself and the leadership team next week - Link

  4. Amazon was exposed on TikTok, why TikTok will be the gift and curse for brands in 2021 - Link

  5. How to keep focus and stay away from distractions - Link


Thanks for reading, have a good weekend. I’ll see you on Friday morning. 

Danny Denhard

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