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It’s Friday, so Must Reads is hitting your inbox.  

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Over the last week, I have had three great virtual coffees from across three continents with friends of Must Reads. If you haven’t already it’s a good time to reach out and talk to connect or catch up with old colleagues or smart people.
I know you’re probably over having to zoom (is JOMO of Zoom a thing yet?) with work constantly, I’ve found FaceTime and Google hangouts and Google meets as very stable alternatives. 

👍Hit of the week 👍: 

Good news rarely gets cut through but the Office and Jack Ryan is reading good news on YouTube and has over 11million views

😍 The Must-Reads Of The Week 😍 

This week's handpicked Must Reads newsletter is just over 800 words, about a 6 minutes read:

🎧 Podcasts to listen to 🎧

I haven’t had a podcast corner for a while so thought I would treat you with 4

  1. Recode Decode: Kara Swisher & Gary Vee talk the current climate, where you should be creating content and the opportunity is right now

  2. TED Work-Life: Adam Grant and Esther Perel talk about relationships at work, power in relationships & when the time is to walk away

  3. FS Blog: The 5 levels of management with John Maxwell & why some people never get past level 1

  4. Radio Fix: Friend of the newsletter Simon Andrews has a great newsletter and his podcast with Rory Sutherland is a must listen

    🎶 Here is my WFH playlist of diverse mixes from DJ’s going live from their homes.

💯 5 Tips 💯

Here is a series of tips from friends of the newsletter and all-around smart people. This week is from Digital and eCommerce leader Simon Swan 👏

  1. Take a step back from your marketing and assess what channels are delivering what?

  2. Is your marketing strategy tied to the business vision

  3. Pick up the phone and speak to 5 customers and ask them why they chose your company

  4. Pick up the phone and speak to 2 customers who recently left your company and ask them why?

  5. Go and arrange a WebEx/zoom with someone in your finance dept and ask what are the key business financial metrics that are important and how marketing can support?


❤️You Made It To The End❤️

Thanks again for reading this week’s Must Read’s. 
Please go and have a good weekend!  Take care of yourself, please.  

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