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How and why the Superbowl ads are worth so much

🏈 This week is Superbowl week, yes ads do really cost around $5m for their spots and brands love them, the production costs can be north of $10m, that’s the advertising budget for most brands globally. Probably save to say The Washington Post ad won.

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  1. If you are into any form of marketing the data reportal report is always a must read (great job by Simon Kemp and co)

  2. As an introvert this really resonates with me: how this introvert handles large events

  3. Always struggle to manage your to do list? Here are the 4 questions to ask

  4. Lyst (fashion platform) are going all in with sneakerheads

  5. How popcorn saved the movies

This is a joy to read and highly recommend it (from People lead from Twitter):