💳 Are you the 80% or 20% 💵

Is digitised money going to be an issue?

FRIYAY - Am I right?

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🤔 Weekend Thought Starter 🤔

Are we living in the algorithmic age?
Are we living under the control of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google?
If it were all to change one night, would we miss the infinite scrolling?
If it were all to cease to filter would be overwhelmed with too much content by our friends, family and the stranger we choose to follow (sound creepy)?
I’m starting to think we wouldn’t miss it…
Let me know what you think

Yes Or No

🤩 This Weeks Must Reads 🤩

🎦 Remember when we used to get excited by films and the trailers, well apparently we don’t like ads, who would have thought?

🙋‍♂️ Business & Culture 🙋‍♀️

💪 How to avoid the trap everyone falls into by turning top talent into rubbish unprepared managers

👏 Understand that strategy isn’t just a buzzword and how you to ensure you communicate and make it relevant

🎾 Tennis can seem glamorous but there is another side from the private jets and traveling the world

Buzzfeed’s founders 8 steps to unbreak the internet

👨‍🎤 How billion stream artist Lewis Capaldi became such a major artist

👗Pop Couture Alert: Ralph Lauren teamed up with Rachel Green (thanks for the heads up @theldndiaries)

📲 Tech 📲

🛴Lime celebrated 100m rides this week - the “last mile” is going to be a great space to keep an eye on.

💷 Brits have fallen out of love with cash with only 20% of spending with cash

🕵️‍♂️ Amazon has come under fire again about its internal search and prioritising their product or profitable products first. Do you care?

🧀 I have been a long time fan of Cheddar and I regularly share their content, in this podcast The Information founder and Cheddar founder discuss Cheddar, their sale and the media landscape (including TV and streaming subs)

😎 File under no surprise: Gen Alpha (they are the new younger crowd, tiktokers) are all about wanting the merch YouTubers and influencers wear and use

🤔 What do you think about this gambling ad? I predict it will be taken down

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