👀 Emojis can send you to jail 👀

Actually WTF 🙀

Danny Denhard

🤩 Your Five For Friday 🤩

  1. ⚽️Life as a third choice goalkeeper at a huge club is very different to what you’d expect, great read on Rob Green’s daily life and how it differs from a normal player and how money isn’t the motivator

  2. 👩‍🍳 Is a Michelin star the sign for chefs to move on and close a restaurant? Seems so

  3. 🧐Google have tried to repent their sins by helping local journalism, but do they actually give a 💩- highly unlikely

  4. 🍔McDonalds brought a start up to personalise your experiences with the brand, including personalising the drive menu based on “real time'“ signals

  5. 😁 There is Yale class on happiness - here are the four things you can take away

WTF of the week: Will Emojis get you sent to jail? Apparently so (video on Cheddar)

❤️ Marketing / Growth / Advertising ❤️

💵 Business 💵

🚀 Product 🚀

🎧 Here are three podcasts you should check out 🎧

  1. The Perils of Following Your Career Passion - By Adam Grant x TED, this is a great podcast if you are struggling with your career or want to find your passion

  2. Why it's easier than ever to build an app but harder than ever to make it successful - From ProductHunt & co-founders of FYI, this is for you if you like to hear about how to think about product launches, enabling the right tools internally or how to challenge your team to do more

  3. Blackout is an a treat for your ears, includes Rami Malek stars in an apocalyptic thriller. This is likely the next big podcast and literally is the highest produced podcast out there

🤔Final Thought 🤔

This week I spoke at two conferences, the most popular slides aren’t always the recap or lessons slides but this slide most definitely was.
The first was lessons from my twenty year professional career, I took my core learnings and centralised them below, they should set anyone at any level in good stead (If you’d like a copy of the decks ping me on the details at the bottom)

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Thanks - Danny Denhard