👏 Give That Social Media Manager A Promotion 👏

Not all brands win but this week the award goes to the kings of stuffed crusts

As one eagle eyed reader noticed your must reads was slightly later than the usual 8.30am wake up call on Sunday.
This week’s includes Pizza Hut social media slap, Elon Musk’s staff cutting email, 35p p/h Spice Girls t-shirts, Whatsapp’s latest feature tweak and Fyre festival must watch on Netflix

❤️ Marketing ❤️

I’ve shared a few basecamp articles in the past, this is busy is the new stupid including a podcast

Love this from pizza hut

Why McDonald’s doesn’t fight back in social media exchanges (they aren’t the Amazon of food)

Does storytelling and struggling sports docs have the secret formula?

Fortnite is everyone’s biggest competitor no? Well Netflix thinks so

🤓 Business 🤓

Tesla laid off a number of staff, this is a twitter thread from a wife of an ex vet who was laid off (thanks to Californian Law)
And here is the email Elon Musk sent to the employees

The Spice Girls new T-Shirt for charity is being made for 35p p/h wages

If you are into strategy or culture this is a great read from last year

Airbnb looked at buying hotel tonight - could have been a smart move merging hotel and home tech

Is this resting pose a fix for burnout?

Is Google actually evil (Economist article behind paywall)

Should you worry about the 1% who ever contact you as a business?

🚀 Product 🚀

Google Maps latest feature reducing your speeding tickets by updating its app

Whatsapp are now curbing forwarding shares to more than 5 people
My take: It has had serious impact in India and Brazil and this is facebook ways of reducing risk and influence

Facebook have a teen team that addresses teen usage and has built LOL a meme product specifically identifying and sharing popular content in their age group

Why podcast companies has a discovery issue but doesn’t have to have a new company addressing it

Worrying interview with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey (For someone who runs two companies it’s a challenge to read)

🤩 Interesting Reads 🤩

Great white sharks and divers in Hawaii

How twins are getting varying DNA results

Is multitasking a myth? Good deep dive on whether its possible or too much cognitive overload

Crystal Palace football club are offering shelter for the homeless - more clubs should step up and help

⏯ Video ⏯

I highly recommend you watch Fyre on Netflix if you are into marketing, influencers or just like to watch a car crash.

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