☁️ Grande Macchiato Anyone? ☕️

Starbucks goes all in with 🎤super⭐️collaboaration

This week was a busy week for me, I am finishing up three conference presentations for conference talks for the end of March and April and had the judging day for The Drum Marketing Awards, some great entries and met some super smart marketing leaders.

👏 Five Must Reads 👏

  1. ☕️Starbucks and Ariana Grande are releasing a brand caramel and cinnamon flavoured new drink together - here is a video on how to make it already

  2. 💵How Aldi is reshaping the UK supermarket chains and influencing British shopping behavior

  3. 🏩AirBnB has just acquired HotelTonight (which is staying independent) - can this boost the demand boutique hotel’s, likely. They are now is peer to peer and now end to end travel company and perfect timing for their proposed IPO.

  4. 👸The Queen yes the Queen is now instagramming - don’t slide into her DM’s

  5. 🍫IKEA living their brand so much they are releasing a flat pack chocolate bunny

❤️ Marketing / Growth / Advertising ❤️

No need to click news:
Instagram doubling down with branded content ads - in short it’s so brands and influencers are working together more closely,
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and their Policy lead was on Joe Rogan podcast to answer policy questions & struggled to be crystal clear but Twitter is rolling out new insights tool for video engagement.

💵 Business 💵

🎁Tool of the week - Twimmage - turn tweets into Instagram shares 🎁

🚀 Product 🚀

Creative tweet of the week

🤔Final Thought 🤔

A teacher took the amazing step to record all notifications with noise on from their class, this is particularly scary as the number of notifications when kids are at school is insane and no doubt having a negative impact on them. I believe the phone and OS companies should be doing more to have a mode which reduces this and works on most important notifications. DND mode only goes so far.

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