🧐 Is Ryan Reynolds the marketer of 2019? 🧐


Danny Denhard

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❤️ Marketing / Growth / Advertising ❤️

This week; things to know but don’t click through on: Whatsapp is rumoured to be adding an algorithm to stories, LinkedIn is going to launch live video, Facebook will be demoting audio clickbait in their feeds, IGTV is now in everyones instagram feed & snapchat like features coming to Twitter.

💵 Business 💵

Quote I particularly love this week:
Leadership Is The Art Of Giving People A Platform For Spreading Ideas That Work
– Seth Godin

🚀 Product 🚀

💯 Your 5 for Monday Morning 💯

  1. Breaking Bad movie is coming!

  2. Is lacrosse (yes the sport) going to be the next big sports business?

  3. 🐬My favourite article of the week; Dolphins use toxic pufferfish to get high 🐬

  4. Ja Rule has hinted he is going to be putting on another festival… yes after Fyre festival…queue 50 cent’s instagram post

  5. Why storytelling is the future of retail

Has Ryan Reynolds become a great marketer - every points to YES

I’ll leave you with only 29% of people in 🇬🇧 & 🇺🇸 know facebook feed is algorithmic