⁉️ No Vegan Sausage Rolls Allowed ⁉️

No vegan sausage roll or Greggs were harmed in the making of this 😘

Don’t worry however much I loved the Vegan Sausage Roll campaign it’s not been included, your must reads is packed this week, include white creme egg hunting, baking helps anxiety, weather apps selling locational data, Ye joining the world’s most popular podast (what could go wrong) and the science Coke uses.

✅ The Five Alternative Must Reads ✅

  1. How Baking is battling anxiety for many - Link

  2. Movement: How Bird Box leveraged challenges and meme culture to marketing their record breaking move - Link

  3. Yes you can be a millionaire from playing video games (or being a Ninja) - Link

  4. Girls are suffering more depression symptoms the more they use social media - Link

  5. Weather apps are selling your data to the highest bidders - Link

💯 Marketing 💯

  • It’s creme egg season and the hunt for the white creme eggs is on (and in other brand ads) - Link

  • Here is deepdive into the alternative to milk marketing efforts and how they are making waves - Link

  • How science plays its part in the Coca Cola Santa Claus love affair - Link

  • Tom Fishburne (aka The Marketoonist) released his TED talk, well worth the watch about humour and storytelling - Link

  • Bumble partners with new brand advisor Serena Williams in balls in your court campaign (which was an all women created campaign) - Video Link

  • Has Black Mirror and Netflix unlocked the new age of product placement (Bandersnatch suggests so) - Link

  • Are you into social, when Buzzsumo’s 2019 guide to Facebook is a must read - Link

  • Kayne West is going to on the world’s most popular podcast with Joe Rogan. It’s also been suggested Joe Rogan is making north of $50m per year from his podcasts.

🎧 Listen of the week 🎧
On last week’s newsletter we looked at the best rebranding of 2018, here is head of WW talking about how much deeper WW are for you to be healthy - Link

🚀 Business 🚀

  • A good look at YouTube’s CEO Susan Wosjcicki, from letting her Garage to the Google founders to one of the most popular entertain companies in the world - Link

  • How Disney CEO is thinking about their Netflix rival Disney+ - Link

  • On that note, emulation is often a business strategy for many, but shouldn’t be in product and here is why - Link

  • It's not all bad news for Apple, their app store pulled in $1.22billion over the holidays, including $300m+ on New Years - Link

  • Just Eat is beating Deliveroo & Uber Eats in the £8.1b food delivery space - Link

  • Burger King Kanye West sass is now the most liked business tweet of all time

  • 50 cent is a known for his rap career but not always given props for his business and entertainment empire he is creating, an entertaining look at what he is doing with Starz (TV Network in the 🇺🇸)

📲 Tool of the week 📲:

Link in bio is probably the most used sentence by brands on instagram, this tool Linktree will likely come in handy (thanks @theldndiaries)

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