😲 Private Chat Is Only Private When...

Facebook doesn't want your data...hint that's never

🤩 Your Five For Friday 🤩

  1. 🚰Do you really need to drink all that water? 5 experts guide you here

  2. 🤖No checkout Sainsburys finally hits London - not everyone is impressed

  3. 💻How Microsoft learned from their chequered past, to understand it’s future (& why they have been so successful lately)

  4. 💬 The history of the stories (product format) and why it’s become so important

  5. 🆘 Tinder now caters for your needs anywhere…with festival mode…

❤️ Marketing / Growth / Advertising ❤️

💵 Business 💵

🚀 Product 🚀

"Quote that resonated with me this week " 
Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience — Ralph Waldo Emerson

🎧 Must Listen Of The Week 🎧

The Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom is being interviewed by Tim Ferriss: This is one of those interviews that is packed with hidden gems and hour flies by

💭 Final thought 💭

There was a new wikipedia launched (Golden) this week with incredible investment from some of the largest VC and investment firms in the world. The difference being powered by AI (and Human intelligence no less) and built with actual social following on topics, the question that keeps coming back to me;

🧐 Do we really need another or smarter Wikipedia? 🧐 — I’d be surprised if anyone really craved a new Wikipedia.

Because something has a lot of traffic or is the anchor in understanding the TLDR, does this mean we need another version? We often build products and companies to offer an alternative, steal market share or diversify revenues - are there any ideas or alternatives we just don’t need or just shouldn’t be built?

Happily let me know what you think.

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