😮 Thieves star in Facebook ads

...Ring will shame you..to get your name

This gif is gave me energy this morning - enjoy this week’s must reads, have a great Friday and go enjoy your weekends!

🤩 Your Five For Friday 🤩

  1. Netflix has taken inspiration from Instagram and testing extras (think photos, trailers etc - kinda cool)

  2. 🚁Prime air (30 minute drone delivery) is almost a thing in 🇺🇸

  3. 🤪Thank god! Funny people are good at work

  4. ⬆️One users “years-long journey to the top of Reddit's karma leaderboards has only made them feel more alone”

  5. 🧐Thieves beware, you’ll be a sponsored ad on Facebook if Ring catches you

Weekend edit:
How YouTube has converted viewers to radicalists

How big brands are piggybacking of the Women’s World Cup

Dedication is possibly the best creative / advert this year (reference will be lost on many but 🔥 festival viewers won’t)

❝Quote that resonated with me this week❞

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” –Albert Einstein

❤️ Marketing / Growth / Advertising ❤️

💵 Business 💵

🚀 Product 🚀

🎧 Must Listen Of The Week 🎧

Dara Khosrowshahi, CEO, Uber sat down and spoke to LinkedIn (& PayPal) founder about when to turn pirates to the Navy and why doing the right thing, is the only thing (listen here or click image below)

🤔Final Thought 🤔

I was an early adopter of Netflix, I was pre Netflix with DVD in the mail but something has flown under the radar is; Netflix have increased their pricing by 60% over the last few years and reduced their catalogue up to 60%, when the average Netflix user consumes 5.5 hours per day on Netflix, when does the cost increases and quality of content become an issue?
Will it be quality vs quantity that makes more people question its value…
Will binge watching be seen as multi-tasking viewing and people remember they can multi task and watch normal TV?

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