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Danny Denhard

I’m officially bored of Brexit but what was fascinating was looking at the Petition and it’s spread online and who and when people shared it. On scheduling this there were 2,451,828 signatures.
I’ve put together a Google Sheet here if you are interested in how it spread. The timeline view shows you a lot.

🤩 Your Five For Friday 🤩

  1. 🤖 The White House Social Media Director was blocked by Facebook as was too bot like

  2. 😲 Who knew calling millennial’s snowflakes would drive the highest enrollment in British Army in years

  3. 👅Burger King burn the ads is beyond genius - free whopper anyone?

  4. 💯 I struggled growing up with dyslexia, this viral poem made my week, hopefully it will yours too

  5. 🧐A 7ft 6in college 🏀 player might be too tall for the NBA

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Absolute truth here on the state of tablets and Apple’s dominance -

🤔Final Thought 🤔

I spoke at a conference this week, I was talking to some smart people in the break and they made an interesting point and raised a timely question around product development and growth.
Why are companies too proud to make the change that their users crave?
In this brilliant tweet example from Wikipedia to Twitter, it raises both points; but I suspect in this case:
When you don’t know who your target audience is or what your core product is, does one feature change that is requested constantly do you make that change?
Or in Twitter’s case do you take the free press it comes with and work on other features?
I’m pretty sure you experience this constantly but next time you cannot work out what, who or why - probably time to ask it loud and clear.

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