🙃 You spend how long on Netflix?? 🙃

Two hours everyday - addiction 👀

Happy Friday People, you made it!
Last week was the most successful newsletter to date, maybe it’s the Ari Starbucks collab or maybe Friday morning coffee goes down well with a slice of your must read newsletter. So thank you all.

🤩 Your Five For Friday 🤩

  1. 🚇Why not all London underground stations have WiFi

  2. 🙃The average Netflix subscriber spends 2 hours (yes two) per day on Netflix

  3. 💯Pearl Jam are going to pump in $10.8m to combat homelessness

  4. 🐳A new type of Orca (Killer) whale has been filmed in the wild

  5. 💰Here is how large tech firms influence politics especially in 🇺🇸

❤️ Marketing / Growth / Advertising ❤️

No need to click news:
Facebook have tweaked their ad guidelines for more modern metrics, alongside updating watch parties concentrating on live TV hint…sports, also including trivia (after a look under the hood of HQ Trivia last year), Facebook’s platform outage caused numerous problems - especially for themselves as Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook users took to the web to complain. Last night the person who was pencilled to take over if Zuck ever stepped down Chris Cox left, as did Head of WhatsApp.
Twitter have got into podcast with characters count and testing a number of new tools and beta apps

💵 Business 💵

I know what I will be watching in coming weeks:

🎁Tool of the week - I work across many time zones and it’s a nightmare trying to find out what time it is in US or Oz, so this There answers this 🎁

🚀 Product 🚀

🤔Final Thought 🤔

Talking to many businesses and business leaders, this is tweet (from the very smart Alex Osterwalder) really does resonate, the problem most businesses face is an ability to think differently and tackle things in alternative ways rather than defaulting to no or to fat cat syndrome. Let’s challenge people to think differently, create business cases and experiment, until you do or your colleagues do it will be status quo or death by a thousand cuts.

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Thanks - Danny Denhard