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Must Reads: 10th July 2020 | This week’s newsletter includes 20 Must Reads as 5 Tips takes a week off. Important Reads Includes 27 learnings from leading a marketplace business, how to refocus with bets and beliefs, why we say ok, how the weather forecasts are made while WFH and the fight for celebrities to be voiceover stars in wellness and wellbeing space.

—Friday Fun—

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—Must Reads—

  1. 27 learnings from leading a marketplace business - Link 

  2. Bets and Beliefs: How to succeed for the rest of the year…beliefs and bets - Link

  3. Culture: Updated Radical Candor…Take care of yourself and put your personal relationships first - Link

  4. All In: Psychology of gambling - Link

  5. Money: The origins of the chain letter - Link (important to know to understand how the modern internet and instant messaging works)

  6. 👍: Why we say ok - Video Link

  7. Love This: How the weather forecasts are made when WFH 📲 - Video Link

  8. Fascinating: How humans are impacting tides 🌊 - Link

  9. Tradition over trends: How Uniqlo breaks trends and sticks to tradition with their clothing lines 👏 - Link

  10. Swipe Over Shopping? Future The fight for the high street and will shoppers actually return 🛍 - Link
    —Its ok thou, tinder has exploded in usage and spend 💰- Link

  11. Fast Food: The battle for quick supermarket delivery is now on in the UK, UberEats is joining up with Asda (the #3 supermarket in UK) for deliveries in 🇬🇧 - Link
    This is an important space, convenient shopping…Chop Chop the offering from Sainsbury’s works well with Stuart (DPD) and is app only, Aldi, Co-op, Morrisons, and Marks & Spencer all work with Deliveroo and show in-store endcaps. UberEats also announced expansions in Canada, Latin America, and trial in US 🇺🇸

  12. Super Smart Marketing Launch: Fancy a pair of Rogers? Roger Federer has launched his own with ON (with a very smart ‘drop raffle’ release) 👟 - Link

  13. Exactly: No-one cares for your advertising 😲- Link

  14. More Than Voice Over: The battle for the wellbeing space has turned to celebrity narration 😴- Link

  15. Branding stunt? No label water…yep they will be coming thanks to Evian 💧 - Link

  16. Email to-do list: This would be my worst nightmare but here’s a way to manage your tasks by email 🤷‍♀️ - Link

  17. Algo Problems: More examples of Gmail filtering important emails into promotions - Link
    —The is a rush to instant messengers and SMS, WhatsApp for business has got a little smarter and more useful - Link (tip: be wary of going into the new Facebook world if you are not equipped to serve)

  18. 10%-er? The story of the 10% who get dressed for video calls and the one shirt you wear for video calls 🎥 - Link

  19. Twitter Truth? Funny replies on Twitter on the less than brilliant idea of a Drive-Thru Brew Dog 🍻 - Link

  20. London: Here is a great list of restaurants in London when you are ready to dine out again 💯 - Link

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