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Are you sick of hearing about the last decade, or what everyones top 9 was in 2019? I am, so let’s get down to why you are here…

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FWIW I am taking a different approach to Must Reads in January, less is more (apparently) so I am going to share my 15 - 20 Must Reads with slightly more commentary.
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Why you are here…⤵

😍 The Must-Reads Of The Week 😍

  1. Don’t be Evil! Three years of the dramatic drop of Google culture and how famously aggressive non-disclosure discussions and disagreements have impacted Google’s Culture - it’s a long read so listen to the article via the on page option

  2. Profits over everything 💴 Yesterday saw an ex Google exec write a damming article on why he left and why Google don’t care about being evil
    The two posts above are just a few posts expected to come out in coming weeks about the shifting and reportedly bad culture that has developed at Google.

  3. Leader: Disney’s CEO Bob Igor talks about what makes a great leader
    If you have a Masterclass subscription, I highly recommend his masterclass for wisdom and sound advice

  4. Comms is 🔑: Why spend 2 weeks every quarter on an internal presentation
    Communication and transparent insights will always ensure you having a winning team, I have spent a lot of my leadership enabling this, this article really does nail why direction, reflection and transparency is key

  5. Decisions, Actions, Notes: How to actually run successful meetings
    & Here’s how to run successful Growth team meetings

  6. Secret: The secret to Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn’s, leaving it alone (& Jeff Weiner)
    It is no secret I am a huge fan of LinkedIn’s evolution, Jeff Weiner has had some incredible leadership moments especially with this video from LinkedIn’s all hands back in 2016. I also love this Masters Of Scale Podcast episode. Microsoft are often bashed but they really enabled LinkedIn to succeed with a great leader.

  7. Change Maker 💪 How voice and vision from one person can change a whole company

  8. Reclaim & Own Your Time: How to prioritise your workday and workweek
    Prioritising your time and being ruthless is something you are rarely taught but essential for anyone at any level to own!

  9. Buzz: Why snacks will be full of spice, booze and CBD

  10. Work that system: How celebrities reclaimed their privacy from paps with social media

  11. Veganuary: How KFC and Greggs are going all out for Vegan Profits
    and Co-Op are also going after the move towards 800k new vegans, with Costa selling vegan ham and cheese toasties, Pizza Hut offering vegan pepperoni & McD’s vegan dippers.
    KFC / KFV have really taken a bashing on their promoted tweet, interesting to see how certain brands are reacted to vs others.

  12. Smart over everything: Being a great SEAL; "is not about being the toughest guy. It's about being the smartest guy."

  13. Change Agents 📰: How teenagers are rewriting the face and future of news
    News and entertainment has merged in recent years but teenagers have found ways to tell the news on different platforms and make it ‘work’ for their generation

  14. Pop 🥤: Richard Branson’s lessons learnt by taking on Coca Cola and Pepsi

  15. Anxious? 😟: Do you suffer from anxiety? Here are ways to frame anxiety and break free of them

  16. Must Watch ⏯: Want to know more about machine learning and artificial intelligence?

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Have a great weekend!  

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