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Does 4 days a week work? Iceland thinks so

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This week I have kept the stripped back must reads and 10 must-read stories for you to enjoy. 
FYI you will spot some stories are paired with another story to help you expand your knowledge or insights into the subject.

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Subject Line Explained: This week was Independence Day(s) for our American & Canadian must readers and many are struggling to cram their workweek into 4 days, however, in Iceland it worked so well it’s been deemed a great success.
How about taking more inspiration from 4 day work weeks 🇮🇸’s reported great successes

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Must Read Articles Of The Week

  1. The 31 Company Culture Interview Questions 🙋‍♀️
    Company culture is now an essential part of our work-life and something candidates tentatively ask in interviews, are is a list of 31 better questions to ask - Read the full 31 questions

  2. Why Hollywood Star Margot Robbie Refuses To Be Put In A Box 📦
    Such a refreshing interview and something so many career professionals can learn from
    - Read the full article (also watch the Q&A video on the right-hand side it’s fun)

  3. The Evolution Of Celebrity Endorsements 💪
    Why celebrity endorsement has gone past advertising and to celebs investing in beauty, seltzer and fashion brands. Hint connection and influence.
    - Read the full story
    Pair with my the future state of brand endorsement podcast

  4. Roger That $1B Earnings 🎾
    It’s Wimbledon fortnight and it’s been full of surprises, plenty of rain breaks and Roger (aka The 🐐) Federer rolling back the years until yesterday :-(
    Well, the GOAT has joined the exclusive billion dollars earned club in sports. Read about the king of understanding the power of his brand & being approachable and a gentleman! - Read the full breakdown

  5. How Much It Will Cost To Return To The Office 💵
    As you know I am fixing the broken world of work & here is an important read for those who are going to be asked to return to the office (this has an important female leaning) - Read the full article

    Pair With Video ⏯: Watch the future of work keynote I delivered a few weeks ago.

  6. TikTok Copy Cats 🗣
    Cameo exploded in popularity in lockdowns and become a regular birthday present and source of entertainment (enter Carol Baskin). TikTok is reportedly borrowing the shout out concepts for fans to receive shout outs from their favourite TikTok star. - Read the full story
    Pair With: How TikTok is blowing up products faster than ever before

  7. Cricket’s Big Data Play 🏏
    Little know fact, I’m a big cricket fan and at its core cricket is a numbers and stats sport but interestingly never really evolved like many other professional sports, read why cricket is having its own money ball moment (like baseball and football did) and why it will be so important. - Read the full story

  8. World Champion Competitive Eater Worth $2m 🌭
    I know an absolute must read, how Joey Chestnut is worth $2m from winning hot dog competitions - Read the full story

  9. China Leading The Way 🇨🇳
    1/ Apply For A Job With TikTok ⁉️
    How about applying for your new role via TikTok video resume? There has been many moves around video cv’s and resumes in the past, but now it’s becoming a thing…A dedicated site is now live for 🇺🇸 applicants with 36 dedicated brand partners. Worth a thought - Read the full story
    2/ How Alibaba Is Going To Take On Amazon 🌍
    A good video looking at how Alibaba is going to take on Amazon globally, with its logistics powers and huge robot army - Watch the full video

  10. LA’s New Logo 🌞
    LA has a new logo, yes you probably didn’t know it had an official logo but with the demand to travel increasing inside of the 🇺🇸 and attracting tourists is going to be so important, LA got a more modern reflective logo. - Read the full story

Remove Return To The Office Anxiety 😟

If you live 🇬🇧 and worried about returning to the office on July 19th (mostly those in 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿), here are two must reads by me

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Quote Of The Week:  

They wouldn’t give us a uniform if they didn’t want us to be an army
— Margaret Atwood

Thanks for reading again this week Must Readers, have a great weekend!  

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