5700 years old Chewing Gum 🤔

You have almost made it, it’s the week before Christmas, chance to have a few days off, indulge in a couple of bigger meals and see your loved ones.

In the penultimate Must-Reads of 2019, I have broken the newsletter down into 4 sections this week, Must Reads, Culture (it’s always the most popular by clicks), Marketing & Growth and Product.


Mariah shot a new version of the video and it came out…I wouldn’t normally share but I’m in the Christmas spirit.

bye bye vacation Sticker by Virgin Holidays

😍 The Must-Reads Of The Week 😍

  1. 😲5700-year-old chewing might have uncovered some incredible insights into humans

  2. ☹️2010s was the decade the internet lost its joy

  3. 👾How the must-have email client SuperHuman uses video game design to make work feel like gaming ~ Brianne Kimmel newsletter is great and well worth signing up to

  4. 🕵️‍♂️Dark Patterns: BBC investigate whether there are really 30 people looking or booked the same flight or holiday

  5. 📣 Interesting way to think about: How to win (paid) speaking gigs

  6. 🔦A detailed look into Star Wars and Disney’s rebalancing act (and why Marvel has travelled so much better)

  7. 📉Why WeWork almost worked and why hyper Growth companies (that don’t make money are attractive)

  8. 🗣Alexa start my car, why Amazon is desperate to get inside cars and be the voice assistant on the road
    I have referenced this strategic move for a number of months, Amazon and Google are fighting it out to be your assistant and it will take place anywhere it can. It’s smart for Amazon to take the voice assistant fight to the road, IMHO Music and Podcasts might just be the winning link in this one.

  9. 💡Why ‘the why’ (and the problem) is so important with generating good crowdsourced ideas

  10. 📺Cosmo is teaming up with Netflix and Google to offer a watch party for You season 2 on Boxing Day
    Watch parties have often been something social networks have tried to introduce and reimagine, it will be interesting to see if the anticipated second season of You will be the moment watch parties hit the mainstream with some Marketing and a little FOMO around boxing day.
    I am pretty confident Netflix will be happy of the flywheel it will create for them and the show.

  11. 💸Gymshark’s Black Friday - taking you from their downtime (with Shopify being on site) to record-breaking units sold. Gives you a real insight into their operation and the scale they are operating at.

🤙 Culture

Google fired another employee who was helped to organise the walkout and the reason for her firing, using the internal chrome extension to push out the law by the extension. 👎

🗣 Marketing & Growth

Instagram is in the process of rolling out its own influencer match making engine (“service”) between influencers and brands. Two things should happen, 1. less emphasis on Instagram advertising and more emphasis on a broader mix of channels and
2. Less focus on the number of followers and uploads and a focus on quality.

📲 Product

This week a new game popped up and got traction, it's a photo roulette app allowing 50 players that pick random photos from any phone and shows up for 5 seconds, no risk there is there 👀

🤔 Final Thought 🤔

With it being many people’s last day for the holiday break, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for reading Must Reads, I learnt a lot (19 lessons in fact), Christmas is often a time we reflect and clear our heads, I for one know I will enjoy cooking Christmas dinner, reading and listening to numerous audible books.
Please enjoy your break, spend time with your loved ones and if you have any feedback or want to discuss more personally happily DM me on Twitter (they are open) or LinkedIn.

Feedback is a gift 🎁

👏You Made It To The End 👏

Have a great weekend & 🎅 Merry Christmas 🎄

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