💬Alexa what is WeWTF?

And my guest appearance on Content Makers Podcast 😎

This week my friend Beth released her podcast where I joined here and we really broke down a number of topics, including Marketing, Growth, how to win at work and why culture is so important to your everyday work life, oh and of course why I do Must Reads 😁.
Listen here and let me know what you think =>

Nasa joined Giphy this week and as you might expect they have created some fun gifs.

I Love You Heart GIF by NASA

🆕 Product Updates 🆕

🤩 Confidence is a huge part in everyone’s day to day, this quote from James Maddison really stood out for me, believe in yourself.

“I’m confident, yes. I don’t think I’d be in the Premier League right now, getting called up by my country, if I didn’t have the self-belief I do,” he offered. “One of my biggest assets is my mind: that belief in myself and in what I do. But I never, ever want to come across as arrogant." - James Maddison

🤔 Weekend Thought Starter 🤔

I’m going to leave you with a TEDx this week, it is incredibly powerful and great life lessons to take forward and be resilient.

Have a great weekend!

Thanks for reading Must Reads this week.

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