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This week I have 13 must-read stories for you to enjoy. 
✚ a blast from the past with a number of very important Marketing articles.

FYI: Last week’s most popular must read was improving virtual interviewing & hybrid hiring


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Must Read Articles Of The Week 

  1. How To Handle Back To Backs & Stressed Colleagues 👏
    So many people are experiencing high stress, burnout and that’s coming from meetings and more meetings, find out how to take 5 steps to combat this and manage your stress and reclaim your time!
    - Read the full story

  2. 12 Brilliant Lessons From The Trillion-Dollar Coach 🏈
    How about learning from the coach who coached Steve Jobs, Tim Cook, Sheryl Sandberg, Marissa Mayer & Jeff Bezos
    - Read the 12 lessons

  3. How The Economics Of Movie Placements Work 💰
    Ever wondered how much movies make from promoting a shoe, a watch or a series of shots of James Bond drinking beer, well this story has it all, including 2020’s top-earning movies
    - Read the full story

  4. Want To Know The Future Of Work? 🤔
    As you know I have a podcast and this week we dissect the future of work and the future of the workplace. Well worth a listen if you look forward to change and turning your passion into a business
    - Listen to the podcast & deep-dive

  5. The Long Hard Road For The Honest Company 😥
    The business world is relentless & especially challenging when the competition heats up and lawsuits pile up, this is a good long read of the trials and tribulations Jessica Alba and her company have gone through to become a listed company.
    - Read the full story

  6. Are Clothing Rentals The Future? 🙋‍♂️
    Many brands are moving towards rentals as a model, Selfridges is offering rentals, rent the runway etc, Patagonia are famous for fixing broken clothes but now Adidas, will you be renting for an event or a getaway? Seems like there might be some shared legs in this one
    - Watch the adidas ad

  7. Google Trying To Kill Off Passwords 🔒
    Are Google in the right place to do this? Or will there be a twist in the story?
    - Read their approach

  8. Deepdive Into The Power Of YouTube News Celebs 🗞
    Why the daily news providers on YouTube have helped YouTube to become a news powerhouse and what it means for these YouTubers (more than just comments and cash)
    - Read the full article

  9. What 100 Years Of Climbing Mount Everest Has Taught Us 🧗‍♀️
    Pretty daunting quote “With all the technology available today, the mountain still has the final say." -- Michael Fagin”
    - Read the full article

  10. Why Cats Love Amazon Boxes 📦
    Probably the most must read article of all time. Did Amazon know this and use it as a hack or are we discovering more about ourselves and our feline friends?
    - Read about cats love of boxes

  11. Reddit Community = Branding Powerhouse 🔋
    How Reddit is becoming a powerhouse for skin care brand, why? Community and the way you can source honest insights
    - Read the full story

  12. The Name Karen Has Become Very Unpopular 👩
    Can I see your manager?
    - See the graph

  13. Bite Club 🦈
    The unique club that you have to talk about being bitten by a shark, which btw is the odds are 1 in 11 million. These support groups are vital!
    - Read the bite club story

  14. I haven’t done this for a while but here are a number of good articles for Marketing and Growth people ⁉️
    a/ Burger Kings New QR AR game,
    b/ virtual worlds are the next big step for marketing teams,
    c/ NFT’s could give marketers an innovative way to break a bad cycle,
    d/ where Peloton goes from treadmill issues,
    e/ Avon’s modern-day tactics…direct selling

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