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A clear, long term strategy is priceless

Must Reads Friday 15th May 2020 | Today’s Must Reads includes 24 hour KFC delivery, a man living in Indian airport, Pepsi’s new play, Apple’s new audio news and weird uses of Zoom.
Today’s 5 tips are from wellness and nutrition coach Joanna Redfeather.

—Hit Of The Week—

If you have had one of those weeks, this tweet will give you that pick me up you’ve needed

—Must Reads—

  1. 24 Hours? Is a 24 hours wait and the food coming cold ever worth it? In the Gaza it is 🍗 - Link

  2. Real-life Tom Hanks: The German man having to live in an Indian airport 🛫 - Link

  3. Fascinating: The weird history of soap 🧼 - Link

  4. Hand gel supplies: No tech touch the next big trend? You would expect so. I look forward to seeing innovative thinking with “vending machines” 🙌 - Link
    —Expect QR codes and new forms of barcodes to become your new normal and quick fire currencies.

  5. Move, shoot, communicate: 4 disciplines from a navy seal that will improve your day to day 👏 - Link

  6. Statement: Apple AirPods runaway success 🎧 - Link
    With the overhead AirPods coming, be interesting to see how well they sell.

  7. Pincommerce: Pinterest and Shopify smartly teamed up to make pins shoppable 📌- Link
    —With the pivot for many brands, this is particularly smart and provides shoppable feeds on Pinterest. Pinterest being ‘a planning for the future’ platform is nicely positioned for the Shop pivot 🔗

  8. PIVOT: Even PepsiCo (and their sub-brands) are going DTC (direct to consumer) with two new domains and 🇺🇸 - Link

  9. Enters Any Buzzword: Fashions do or die with digital transformation (actually more applicable in wider business than just fashion) 👗 - Link

  10. Zoomert : Fans are creating listening parties and concerts while their favourite artists aren’t performing 🎤 - Link
    : More backgrounds, this time free virtual backgrounds from artists - Link

  11. Audio News: Will Apple news+ pivoting to audio make you rethink its subscription offering? 🗣 - Link
    FWIW Apple & other podcasting platforms recently released data on how news podcasting is spiking and this would make sense with Apple covering the costs

  12. Ant fish? Over one million people are pretending to be ants on Facebook 🐜 - Link

  13. Next Phase Of Personalisation: Google Chrome is now going to let you colour, rename and group tabs in upcoming Chrome release 💻 - Link

  14. Banned: How WeChat censorship works 🤬 - Link

  15. Thread Truth: Everyone in the business demands a Flywheel, here’s a great thread on product-market fit and paying to start flywheels 💵 - Link

—5 Tips—

Today's 5 tips come from the brilliantly smart (& long term friend) Joanna Redfeather. Joanna is a nutrition coach, specialising in energy & wellness. I always love speaking to Joanna and here are 5 knowledge bombs.

  1. Pick something you truly love. Pick something you can see yourself loving at LEAST 3 months from now

  2. Incorporate your core drivers - ask yourself what drives you? Are you driven by a sense of fun? Incorporate that. Driven by structure or seeing numbers grow? Incorporate that.

  3. Start where you are NOW - Knowing where you are now is essential, and takes 100% honesty from yourself. There is no point starting where you were a few months ago at your peak, or where you were as a teenager!

  4. Build it up in small increments using consistent efforts. Lock your focus on your end goal, knowing it will take TIME and that the journey must be all about persistence and consistency.

  5. Track your progress so you can see your results over time, regardless of fluctuations. Remember that fluctuations happen along the way, life happens… yet encourage yourself to keep getting back on track

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—Going Deeper—

  • Every time I see an announcement from Disney, I am reminded about the genius that was Walt Disney and his supporting teams all those years ago

  • Disney is going to release Hamilton (the show) on Disney+. 15 months ahead of the scheduled cinema (theatre) release and going to be an exclusive on Disney+

  • Whilst the theme parks are closed (theme parks are the moneymaker for Disney) Disney will double down on the great momentum Disney+ has with subscribers.
    Remember Disney is long term aka a generational business (grandparents have the same affinity to Disney as kids do), even in the current climate short term (quarterly) thinking does not exist in their company and has the brand (moat) and back-catalog (content moat) to outlast any rival

  • Historically Disney have never struggled to be the first to do something or double down when others wouldn’t
    - I would even go so far that Walt Disney had the earliest form of Growth and Innovation teams, I recommend watching The Imagineering Story on Disney+.

  • Here are two brilliant illustrations that illustrate how well thought through Walt’s brainchild was.

Pic Links - Disney Brain & Disney’s 1957 strategy

—My Other Quickfire Snapshots—
- Here is why Amazon looking to buy AMC theatres (Odeon cinema) is super smart - Link
- Why 10-minute mobile-only Quibi has had problems - Link

Thanks for reading and enjoy your weekend ahead. See you again on Sunday Morning.
Danny Denhard 
~ Advisor & Consultant