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Must Reads: 12th June 2020 | Includes; the future of the office is not just WFH, why you are learning more about your boss than ever before, how far $1b would go to save the ocean & how fashion is trying to embrace tech to save itself.

This week’s 5 tips are excellent from Lewis Buttress, The Head of Product at The Times.


—Must Reads—

  1. The Future: Working from home the future of work? Think Again 🆕 - Link

  2. Culture: Why working remotely is showing staff if they are really in their bosses A-Team 😐- Link

  3. Light Exercise: Why Walking is making a welcomed comeback 🚶‍♀️- Link
    —Here is another look at walking, did you know walking can be considered meditation? 🧘‍♂️ Link

  4. Rethink: Mental Health As Mental Wealth 🧠 - Link

  5. Fighting Anxiety: How to deal with anxiety when it’s becoming too much 💓 - Link

  6. Interesting Map: Where humans are not on earth 🌏 - Link

  7. Recession-Proof: How the kid’s industry is recession-proof 🧸- Link

  8. Amazon’s New Moat: Prioritising own brand in search (works ok for Google) 😲 - Link

  9. Retention Is The New Growth: As suggested in my proactive tips 11 weeks or so ago, retention is the new growth, here’s a deep dive by smart folks at reforge 📈 - Link

  10. Private Search Wars: DuckDuckGo is making another play to go after Google again, privacy is likely not enough 🕵️‍♂️ - Link
    — Here is a video interview from DuckDuckGo boss on why
    & If you are in marketing, this history of search engines by friend of the Must Reads Carl Hendy is a great read.

  11. $1b: How far would $1b go to save the ocean 🌊 - Link

  12. Napping to win: Are you struggling to sleep? Here are some great tips to help you sleep more 💤- Link — Good news naps are recommended by experts 😴- Link

  13. Rule Change: You might want to rethink embedding from Instagram, as Instagram is suggesting asking for permission before embedding 🌈- Link

  14. Gambling Shift: When you cant bet on live sports, you apparently bet on esports 🎥 - Link. — What is also interesting is that buying coin and “loot” is being considered to be reclassified as betting in 🇬🇧 - Link

  15. Watch parties: Watching live with friends has become a forced theme across social media (for more usage), well BT Sports and Sky are introducing a similar idea for live sports ⚽️ - Link

  16. Back To The Future: Are you on Twitter and want to see your followers tweets from ten years ago today? Here’s a link you will want to click, it’s weird how different Twitter was 📟 - Link
    Are you sure you want to RT that? Twitter is continuing its fight against fact news & bots (or the other side of the arguement…controlling speech), it will question you whether you have read that article ✋ - Link

  17. Platform Battle: How tech players are fighting it out to become the digital platform for the fashion runway 👗 - Link

—5 Tips—

This week’s 5 tips come from Product Leader Lewis Buttress, The Head of Product at The Times & The Sunday Times. Offering 5 great business-wide and cross-functional tips to ensure your business succeeds.

  1. Understand your product and the problem it solves - You’ll often find yourself feeling as a triage for requests and a bottleneck between the business and the team unless you understand your product in-depth and sell the direction of travel to everyone.

  2. Empower your team - Communication and empowerment is crucial for a successful product. Make sure your team has access to all the insight from data and customers. A team engaged in the problem are more likely to help deliver a solution.

  3. Stakeholders are members of the team - A common mistake is the ‘them and us’ divide between business and technology. The best thing you can do as a PM is bringing together one team who can build, market, learn, and improve a product over time.

  4. Show the thing - It's easy to get to the 'almost ready to show' phase of a project before getting valuable feedback. Make sure you're breaking things down to the smallest possible releases to get feedback either internally or externally.

  5. Learn from failure - It's inevitable that something you release in your life as a PM does not make the impact you expected. Every release (good or bad) helps you understand your product and the role you do as a product manager better – embrace failure and learn from it!

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