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Must Read Articles Of The Week

Micro Blog - Amazon’s Test & Land Will Be A Playbook For Others

The Amazon 4+ Star Store Concept Comes To 🇬🇧
Amazon’s expansion into retail has been impressive to watch, this time Amazon are launching their 4star and above concept to best selling (non food) items in the UK.

This is important as this tactical step drives awareness to Amazon, adds trust to an online only brand (this is something so many brands are trying to achieve currently) and increases the touchpoint to Amazon as a brand.

This move is going to be important for Amazon (many other brands following this trend) to focus on the physical customer and offer experiences away from quick delivery. Smart move ✅, good test to roll out ✅, important move ✅, help with land and expand in important terrority ✅ most definitely. - Read the full story

Lastly, if dashboards just aren’t cutting it here is a 5x5 matrix that will change how you and your business works.

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