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Must Reads: 19th June 2020 | Includes:
Company culture articles: Ways to improve remote relationships & a good checklist to improve your video calls efficiency. A number of interesting business reads including; 50% of online reviews are fake, why car companies hate being mentioned in rap songs, Apple v Google & importantly, how to improve your sleep health.


This week’s 5 Must Read Tips are dedicated to optimising and testing to get ahead in the coming months from Elizabeth Gabster @ Optimizely.

—Happy Friday Video—

I came across a dog owner teaching her dog to communicate with buzzers, the Twitter thread & video will cheer you up and set up your weekend.

—Must Reads—

  1. Remote Relationships: Struggling to keep or create relationships remotely, here are a few tips to focus on 💯- Link
    Worth Another Share: How to set up your business for the new hybrid office & questions you should ask to prep the future of your business - Link

  2. Zoombie: Hating all those video meetings? Feel like you’re not making progress? Here is a checklist that will improve them ☑️ - Link (If you are struggling to see the checklist, here is a downloadable PDF)

  3. Sleep Health: 8 interesting facts about dreaming - ⏯ Video Link

  4. Take out stress and anxiety: Aka uitwaaien, Being out in the wind can greatly improve your mood 🌬 - Link

  5. Colour Care: Understanding colour theory and the colour wheel 🎯- Link

  6. Guru? Vegas hotels want Elon Musk’s tunnels 🎰 - Link

  7. Ecorunner: Allbirds leading the way for sustainable running trainers 👟 - Link

  8. No Cosign: Why car manufacturers do not want to featured in rap tracks 🚗 - Link

  9. Shocker: Half of the reviews online are fake 😏 - Link

  10. Apple vs Google: Google’s move to an app free world has taken another move to become a reality with Android 11 📲 - Link

  11. Twitch Check Mate: A popular story a couple of weeks ago was how Twitch is now streaming chess & coding, here’s the backstory of how chess grandmaster made it on Twitch ♟ - Link
    Amazon is going to be using Twitch as their live destination, as Twitch will show the 4 premier league games for free, very smart play.

  12. Algo vs Human: How human editors are fairer & more diverse 👏 - Link

  13. $3b? Why Walmart’s $3b Jet Bet didn’t flop in its attempts to challenge Amazon 💰 - Link

  14. Info-mmericals: YouTube’s latest ads format enable you to buy the items of the ads from a click 🧐 - Link

  15. Beans: How Heinz creates brand affinity & experiences over just basic marketing 🥘 - Link

  16. “Ineffective Wandering”: The genius of the supermarkets 🏬 - Link

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A recent MIT study has found taking an intentional approach to sharing positive stories helps leaders boost employee morale. Try finding (or forward this email) and sharing positive stories today to boost your team or companies morale.

—5 Tips—

This week’s tips come from Elizabeth Gabster, lead value consultant at Optimizely. Elizabeth offers 5 tips to help plan ahead and optimise your customers' experience in the coming months. 

— Testing new digital experiences and learning rapidly is essential to emerging as a leader from this economic crisis. Here are a few ways we think you can do this: 

  1. Identify positive changes for your users: Users have shifted in their digital behaviors, including new types of users accessing many services for the first time. Past assumptions about your users and their motivations may have changed – revisit these assumptions and pivot your strategy where needed. 

  2. Keep digital experiences at the heart of your strategy: Customer experience is a key factor in determining which companies will generate value and weather this crisis (read the McKinsey & Company report). Focus first on the fundamentals of a digital user experience, providing excellent support and empathy to your customers, as well as pragmatic, tactical help to those that need it

  3. Build a plan for long term digital resilience: Instead of thinking of COVID-19 as an on / off switch of pre- and post-COVID-19, a return to previous behaviors will likely be muted, slow, or forever changed. Digital will continue to be the primary channel for 2020, and it is key to build resilience in your strategy to meet the needs of all of your customers

  4. Experimentation can be your compass during changing times. By definition, statistically-rigorous experimentation allows you to make decisions by reducing uncertainty. Put your customers first, by validating new features, carefully testing their engagement, and rolling them out gradually to remove the risk of failure. 

  5. Enable your teams, empowering them with progressive delivery principles, and building a culture of experimentation. Senior leaders can encourage their teams to test bolder ideas, building innovative new features, but must be careful to check their own biases – rather than validating one idea, strategically test and iterate on many variations of your product features, ensuring you truly build for your users.

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