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Your Weekend Must Reads:

  1. Marketing:

    Star Wars is going to push their trailer on Fortnight first not traditional roots, shows you how influential the younger audience is
    Proofs the new social network and important communities is in gaming

    How dental is showing up on Twitch to influencing the gaming audience

    Agile Advertising: How Ryan Reynolds & tea, pulled off Aviation Gin’s Peloton parody

  2. Culture: A look inside Google’s declining culture

  3. Streaming: Now YouTube and streaming numbers will be included in the Billboard 200
    This is important, why; we have seen huge amounts of gaming the numbers exists in music, this will

  4. Success & Failure: The Dopamine & Serotonin Connection: How Brain Chemicals can determine success rates.

  5. Must listen to Podcast: Scott Galloway with Joanna Coles ex Chief Content Officer for Hearst (and advisor to Snap)

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I don’t do politics and definitely try not to share it in the newsletter so however it turned out for you, here are some powerful, inspiring and weird reads for you to enjoy!

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Must Reads From Friday…⤵

😍 The Must-Reads Of The Week 😍

  1. The 19 lessons I have learnt from this newsletter 💯

  2. The must listen to business podcasts 🎧

  3. Twitter also wants you to have your own Twitter
    Think of it like decentralisation - like Outlook is to email 🤔

  4. How hip-hop took over high fashion 🎤

  5. A deep dive into how Playstation took over the world of gaming 🎮

  6. Worried about what the Google co-founders were doing (yeah probably not) well Larry Page is funding a flu vaccine 💉

  7. Why they is the word of the year 🤙

  8. When we look back to over the last decade we might just think “Instagram Face” 🦆
    “It’s Instagram Face, duh. It’s like an unrealistic sculpture. Volume on volume. A face that looks like it’s made out of clay.”

  9. An important thread of quote tweets on Twitter what depression is and how it manifests in different forms in a variety of people 🧠

  10. EQ (emotion intelligence) has really risen in popularity in the workplace and is commonly referenced, here are 19 signs of people with high EQ 👏

  11. I made it 11 for a ⚽️ tie in, Amazon Prime saw record sign-ups when it streamed 10 live games recently, the power of live football is still for all to see 🥅

Here is a TED talk I often revisit and might help set you for 2020

⏮ 2019 In Review

🗣 Marketing

📲 Product

🤔 Final Thought 🤔

Reflecting on something I have enjoyed a lot this year: I have deliberately spent time meeting more people, smart people, especially those outside of my day to day work, why? To get different perspectives, learn and get back to what we were built to do. Talk.
As an extroverted introvert (blame the Marketing roles), it is an investment but connecting and meeting new people has really given me a better and broader view of what and why I do what I do.
Why not review your calendar (it’s one of my recommended productivity hacks) and go for a few coffees (teas or juices) with smart people, actually talk - talk about a variety of things, you never know what friendship or opportunities might come up.

👏You made it to the end 👏

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