How Crisps Went From Simple To Sensational

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In 2020 we are constantly over-served by companies and apps we didn’t know we wanted or needed. Two things really stood out to me this week,
1. Instagram DM’s are now working on the web (2 comments: (1) Working on desktop is good for work time usage which is heavily dominated by Desktops & enables more users easier access = 💵 for Insta and (2) many people choose to bypass downloading apps now and Instagram is one many are now using in their browser & works as an app in browser) and
2. Twitter’s constant battle with the edit button…I know it will be a hotly discussed topic inside Twitter but can’t be that hard can it? 🕵️‍♂️

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😍 The Must-Reads Of The Week 😍

  1. 🤯How crisps went from simple to “sensational

  2. ⁉️Oreo fashion line anyone?

  3. ⤵️ Uber’s downfall plotted on a timeline

  4. ⚽️ How football boots deals are very lucrative

  5. 💪 Do you struggle with problem-solving or a bad manager? Here is something great that might help guide you

  6. 💬 Is the laugh at slack joke the new colleague chewing with their mouth open?

  7. 👥 How slack ruined our work lives
    And now voicemail is coming to slack and IM apps - 🤨because we wanted that feature. Surely voice notes are more relevant now?

  8. 💰The Economist Magazine takes a look at - How “subscription-only platform” (content creator crowdfunding site) Onlyfans helps YouTubers, artists and adult creators.
    Having worked on and led a Crowdfunding platform, it is a really competitive but complicated space for creators. Many creators are looking for platforms to manage their subscriptions for exclusive and offer unique content for their fans.

  9. 💸 Buzzfeed CEO Jonah Peretti wrote in detail what this year will look like at Buzzfeed and it looks profitable. I personally love the transparency and their opportunities.

  10. 🏦 Plaid was acquired by Visa this week, this is important as Plaid powers huge amounts of fintech and peer to peer transactions, Visa’s acquisition case can be read here, Paying 50x revenue is some statement. Have a look at their clients and how slow Growth is with neo and challenger banks

  11. 🐧 Twitter head of Product Kayvon Beykpour (he also founded periscope) and Wired sat down at CES and talked about their platform, future plans and how the platform is used and misused.

  12. 👎 @Jack Twitter’s part-time CEO took part in a Q&A and suggested there won’t be an edit button in 2020 (video)
    Mini rant; if you have ever worked in Product, you will always have an opportunity to improve your product, you just need to think differently and understand the user and their needs, I think it’s safe to say Twitter has a more than stubborn understanding to what the edit button would do to enrich our experience.

  13. 👏 Author, podcaster and king of banter Bruce Daisley reflects on his time as VP at Twitter and why the blue tick was a bad idea (his book made my must read business 📚)

  14. 😡 Google’s monopoly continues to wield its axe and now adds buying clothes through SERP’s - this will have a huge impact, as their competitors won’t be a click away.

  15. 🎵 Want advice on how to get into the music industry, from Label owner & friend of the newsletter Kieron

  16. 🏆 Godaddy has changed its logo and it’s a bit different

  17. 📲 SensorTower released their 2019 look at app downloads
    it has some surprising cases and games you’ve likely not heard of, obviously Facebook, Google and TikTok are heavily featured

  18. 🎧 Here are the great podcasts I listened to this week

  19. 🚐 An enlightening article on Vice: A week in the life of an Amazon delivery driver

  20. ⬇️Those Amazon lockers aren’t for convenience…they are for anti theft


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