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Danny Denhard

This week I have made a change, if you click on the headlines you will be taken to the full article. I have made it shorter this week and added in three really well written and fascinating sports articles to inspire you.
My personal favourite stories from this week - Fiji Girl becoming an accidental star, How Disney uses playful marketing, Nike’s first foray into yoga and Amazon’s marketing move into free samples for prime members.

❤️ Marketing ❤️

Why experimentation is so important in success - Netflix is an example

Netflix is now in trouble of copyright for Black Mirror

Love this accidental stunt from Fiji water

It’s now the time for the instagram husband to step in-front of the camera (as someone who has done it, sounds much easier than it is)

Spotify is increasing their efforts in podcasting with ads being their focus

Moët and Chandon have worked hard on getting their influencer campaigns working hard and gaining return

Why digital screens are becoming a new thing pretending to be fridges

How Disney uses playful marketing as one of their USP’s

Elton John didn’t have such a positive impact on John Lewis’ xmas sales

🏀 Interesting Sports Articles 🏀

Underrated by Stephen Curry (NBA legend) is an absolute must read, it is the moment’s that stick with you and make you great

How Superman’s stroke impacted athletic legend Michael Johnson’s life

Nike have launched their first yoga range

Know your audience and be playful, lessons from WWE

⏯ Product Talk ⏯

📊 Business 📊

Gym membership is business 101, here is why so many people pay but never go

Why airlines wildly overbook (Video)

Why Amazon is going into the ads business in free sample send outs

How Brexit is already forcing M&S and Tesco to stockpile

What is next for amazon in grocery market

Sadly R Kelly’s streaming went up by 116% since the documentary aired in US

WeWork is going to become WeCompany (not everyone is a fan)

Podcast - Great breakdown by Exponent about apple and their recent situation

Here is an alternative read submitted by my friend Seb, they is talk we have found a new life form out in space found via Harvard uni.

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