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👏 Happy Friday! 👏

I’m finally caught up on Succession after binge watching it for ten days, I cannot recommend it enough (it’s on HBO in the 🇺🇸 or on Sky Atlantic in the 🇬🇧)

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❤️ The Must-Reads Of The Week ❤️

💪5 Tips from Patty McCord, famous ex HR Director from Netflix 💪

  1. Remove half-truths 

  2. Remove I told you so but encourage you were right 

  3. Allow people to challenge in their way 

  4. Full transparency on numbers 

  5. Deals with facts over data 

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🆕 Updated cool hacks by Google 🆕

You can now type in a browser or and quickly create a calendar invite. FYI Google owns the .new domain extension.
You can also search for in the url section of your browser:,,, to create you guessed it new docs, sheets, slides and forms.
Google are also opening up their .new domain to other brands to get involved
Examples so far:

📧 How the toothbrush test led to Google & Gmail to dominate consumer email 📧

🤔Final Thought 🤔

Facebook came under attack for allowing political ads and allowing lies as a foundation to advertising on their platform.

Twitter (well @Jack) has announced they will be removed the ability to post political ads.
Twitter's upcoming new ads policy doesn’t kill the ability to post a political ad, it's just turned organic tweets in to post more ads for organically aka for free.
Trump has been doing it for years, as has many politicians and celebrities.
Smart campaigners, consultants & Marketing Teams will work this out quickly or by when I hit send.

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🏉 Lastly, Good luck to England this weekend at the World Cup final 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

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