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Subject Line ExplainedBuzzfeed is going public with their CEO Jonah Peretti referring to themselves in their internal email as an inspiration engine. This is a good example of how to inspire with insights (data), identity and with personality through written comms. Their recommended 3 steps seem to be creative first which is smart in the current landscape.

FYI: Last week’s most popular must-read article was the expose on autolikes and like farms.

Must Read Articles Of The Week

  1. Bumble’s Answer To Burnout - An Extra Week Off 🐝
    Why Bumble’s extra (free) week off seems smart and a great thing to do, but is there a sting in the tail? Possibly…and learn why so many other companies will struggle to copy and roll it out themselves
    - Read the article

  2. 7 Leadership Lessons 7️⃣
    Here are 7 lessons from my 2-decade career, why going against expert advice is smart & be deliberate with EVERYTHING is great advice.
    - Read the full 7 lessons

  3. Can A Nice Person Run Big Company’s? 🔍
    A leader is often seen as someone who leads from the front, traditionally a talker not a listener and barks orders, well Google CEO isn’t your traditional leader but has come under fire for his lack of traditional “leadership” & his ‘bias for inaction’.
    - Read the full story (gated £/$)

  4. Google Governance 🔒
    The web is governed by a very small set of gatekeepers. Google is arguably the most disruptive & influential. Not just mobile data (with Android) but filtering 1/ 'Search' with SEO & Ads
    2/ Inboxes via Gmail obviously filtering inboxes
    +Chrome’s governance
    - Read the full story

  5. How Verzuz Went From Instagram Live To Live Streaming Giants 🎥
    Verzuz is one of the smartest brands in music, leveraging the connection that music makes, connecting generations of music fans and building a trusted community who tunes in to see superstars from past and present battle their music catalogue.
    - Read the full breakdown

  6. Comeback Season? 😱
    David Dobrik was the king of YouTube until his actions came back to rightly cancel him and his crew. This deep dive is a brilliant read about the flaws, the actions and whether the vlog squad could make a comeback like many other famous YouTuber’s have recently.
    - Read the full long-form deep dive

  7. Wellness Space Explosion 💥
    Noom is looking into going into the wellness space moving from weight loss, Noom are one of the biggest advertisers and really ramped up in lockdowns etc, with all of the sleep brands and mental health apps going into the wellness space, will we likely see disruption work for these brands and against them
    - Read the full story

  8. Why Space Is The Billionaires Battle Ground 🚀
    Maybe a tricky story to read but this is why the likes of Richard Branson, Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk are spending their money to go to space & not giving it away like Jeff’s ex.
    - Read the rich person’s problem story

  9. Space Laundry? 👨‍🚀 👩‍🚀
    Well at some point it will become a thing, right? NASA and Tide are attempting to answer the problem early…or are they? Or is it just marketing
    …as I have suggested before space is the new marketing frontier.
    - Read the story

  10. Usain Bolt Lifetime Puma Deal 👟
    World record holder and arguably the best sprinter of all time has just signed a lifetime deal with sports giant Puma. Why is this important? Brands look for influence and relevancy and while Usain is getting into music and holds a lot of respect, we will see this trend continuing (following LeBron James with Nike & Lionel Messi with Adidas)
    - Read the full story

  11. Las Vegas Raiders Carl Nassib Player Becomes The Top-Selling Jersey Since Coming Out 💯
    Finally, some great news to celebrate in pro sports!
    - Read the full story

  12. Airbnb Reputation Management Issue 🏠
    Airbnb is famous for slashing its marketing budget and going on the PR offence over the last year with CEO Brian Chesky, the other offensive move was to control the messaging around their reputation and issues with hosts, this might well not make the headlines but important to remember large brands create and control narratives especially when they come under fire.
    - Read the full story

  13. Why Single People Smell Different 👃
    If you have a partner who is genetically dissimilar in immune profile, then your children will have a better resistance to pathogens”
    - Read the story

  14. Helping Others Grieving 🐕
    A heartwarming story of how a grieving dog owner went onto Facebook to help a community of other people going through the same heartbreak.
    - Read the full story

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Quote Of The Week:  

Speak your mind even if your voice shakes" — Maggie Kuhn

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