Jargon Does Not Pay The Bills


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I saw “Jargon doesn’t pay the bills” somewhere this week and turns out it’s somewhat of a famous quote, I have to admit as someone who does drop a jargon bomb or two weekly, this made me laugh at how true it is.

Embarrassed Red-Faced GIF

Facebook is officially going into 🔗dating in the US, Match’s stock went down 5% based upon the announcement, queue the Facebook is the new Amazon headlines.
From a Product POV; This is the first time you will be able to connect Instagram and Facebook to share content (stories, images, videos etc) via their data service.
Q. Will this make people feel safe and use Facebook dating? Would you trust not to appear for a friend or worse an ex?

“Quote That Resonated This Week”

"If you dislike change, you're going to dislike irrelevance even more.”
— Gen Shinseki

🤩 10 Must Reads 🤩

  1. 🌇 City Power: 🔗The history of the city is a detailed read about cities and the way they were created to enable us to get to work in 30 minutes
    🚇 Love this idea: 🔗How The Northern Line excess heat is going to heat 1350 London Homes

  2. 💡Save to Medium: Medium’s next step - 🔗save (the world of content) to Medium? Ev Williams has had a long and very successful career, he created Blogger and sold to Google, he was a co-founder of Twitter and now founder of Medium. The question it might trigger; Is Medium looking to be Pocket or Instapaper or does it has it’s eye on the bigger prize, be the home for the best content but taking in the most interesting and saved content and curating content plus categories based on its learnings?
    Well, I would say long term the latter with community engagement bolted on the top….but let’s see.

  3. 💭 Voice Activated Car? 🔗How and why Amazon have gone long in ensuring Alexa is your voice assistant in your car

  4. 🌶 Deliver You Out Of Business: Those cheap takeaway meals and discounts we get when we order on our food delivery apps, well some restaurants are fighting back as it’s 🔗costing them huge commissions

  5. 🛴TRASH: Remember that picture of all the bikes that were dumped in China? Well 🔗Scooters are a close second with only 45 - 60 day average of lifecycle - to me this is bonkers and ultimately why Chinese Bike firms burnt their rounds of funding and lost all opportunity of further funding and had to shut down.

  6. 👎 The Anti-Like: 🔗Facebook is considering removing the like count (not the likes or reactions) on posts. FYI Facebook wouldn’t be able to remove the like function without fundamentally changing their engagement and affinity based algorithms.

  7. 🌍 Browser Power: 🔗How Google Chrome Ate The World

  8. 🙋‍♀️ Innovation or Creepy? Pay by your hand gesture? Yes that would be Amazon’s latest idea for paying at Wholefoods.

  9. Retail Must Reads: There have been a few good reads this week so here they are:
    🥧 🔗Burberry and Apple have teamed up to enrich customer and employee’s experience with iMessaging
    🆕 🔗Acquisition is always expensive so Direct to Consumer (D2C) brands are partnering up to reduce costs and leverage drops
    ❎ 🔗The brand index came out and some really interesting changes

  10. 👕 Shorts Not For Work? It’s the end of the summer here in London and I have to admit i’m already sad i’ll have to pack my shorts away for another 9 months, in Fast Company they have a whole article dedicated to 🔗is it ok to wear shorts at work?
    What do you think? Yes or No?

📼 Video 📼

A few weeks ago I posted about WeWork and their business model, I found this video and thought might be interesting: The WeWeork model explained

🤔 Final Thought 🤔

I am creating a in-depth look at the evolution of Marketing and the important Product launch dates of companies and services, it got a fair bit of good feedback on Twitter but might be of interest in seeing the 30 year evolution in a timeline (🔗 here is the link to the sheet).
It shows how far the world (not just the web) has come, how the world have evolved with access anytime, anywhere and the important evolution how we have centred around the desktop, laptop to mobile device. Who would have thought when I started in Marketing in 2000 we would have made so much progress?
Ok…maybe me

Go have a great weekend

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