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Subject Line Explained: Kim Kardashian & SKIMS announced this week they will become the official undergarments, PJ’s and loungewear suppliers to Team 🇺🇸 at this years Olympics. Smart move (from momager Kris) for KKW and for the Kardashian family.

FYI: Last week’s most popular must-read article was 7 leadership lessons.

Must Read Articles Of The Week

  1. How To Take Inspiration From IKEA and Social Science 🧪
    Work should not be difficult for anyone, but it can, especially when some colleagues do not invest the same into relationships as you do. Find out why the IKEA effect is so important.
    Read the full article

  2. TikTok Content Farms 🤚
    Here is a look at the content farms powering TikTok engagement and generating millions of views
    - Read the full story

  3. AI Driven Food & Drink? 🥤
    It’s 2021 and AI drives many discussions but not always decisions, however, PepsiCo leverage thousands of data points to make smarter decision on food flavours and new drinks in different markets. This is smart and a trend that will continue.
    - Read the full story

  4. Managed By Bots 🤖
    Fired by bot? Amazon workers have come out in force and suggested being they are being fired by bots, why…because ‘bots make quicker decisions’.
    If you know delivery companies and how they operate you know this will be part of the likes of Deliveroo, Ocado and rapid delivery firms like Getir, Weezy, Gorillas operations moving forward.

    - Read the full story

  5. The Most & Least Happy Countries In The World 🗺

  6. Why It Is So Hard To Understand The Blur Between Work & Home 😥
    A great write up by my ex-colleague Maddy at the BBC, why it is so hard to place boundaries on time and spaces, and this was before 2020.
    - Read the full story

  7. The Real Story Behind Netflix’s Top 10 Lists ⏯
    Some people, what they really want to see is, what is everyone watching? They want to be in the conversation.'“ — Todd Yellin, Netflix VP of product’
    - Read the full article

  8. The Future Of Shopping 📲
    I have suggested a number of times we are about to see the QVC of everything, live shoppable videos from TV, to social media (TikTok vs Instagram) to search engine result pages, here is a video from how it’s done in China and why so many firms are battling for the future of live shoppable videos
    - Watch the full video

  9. How The Simpson’s Keep’s Predicting The Future 🔮
    A bit of light fun with how The Simpson’s keep’s predicting the events of the future, let’s hope no more political predictions coming true…

  10. Investing Into Female Sport ⚽️
    The euro’s is on but something that has been happening for the last 18 months is investment into female sport and why it is such a compelling space for fans and investors
    - Read why

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The smarter you play, the luckier you’ll be.” ― Mark Pilarski

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