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Must Reads: 29th May 2020 | Includes how music videos are being shot right now, how fashion is going seasonless, Amazon is coming into podcasting and two important organisational culture reads.

This week’s 5 Tips from Shane Forster from, helping you navigate the new world of brand and brand reviews.


—Hit Of The Week—

This video promo has surprisingly flown under the radar this week, this Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande Weather Channel Promotion of their new single is unique and smart.

—Must Reads—

  1. Culture: Here’s a great thread on how Webflow uses slack to bring teams closer together with a Q&A game 🎰 - Link

  2. Leaders Lead: Really important read via a friend of the newsletter Bruce Daisley newsletter on how narcissistic leaders are ruining businesses and your careers 😞 - Link

  3. Prime Podcast: Following on from my deep dive into Spotify’s deal with Joe Rogan, Amazon has a clear intent to go into local (& news) podcasts 💪 - Link

  4. Drops: How the Nike x Ben & Jerry’s gets the resell market hyped up with 10900% increase 👟 - Link

  5. Seasonless? Is seasonless really the future for high-end fashion? 👗 - Link

  6. Spied: Find out the different worlds of facial recognition (map) 🕵️‍♂️ - Link

  7. Two-Wheeled Future? Bike sales have tripled in the U.K. and not in the ‘mamils’ category 🚲 - Link

  8. Heeeelp: Virtual escape room you’re next work based activity 🆘 - Link

  9. Lonely People: Tinders 3billion swipes breaks the record 📲 - Link

  10. They Predicted It: Psychics popularity is booming 🔮- Link

  11. Friemeny: Even with 26m+ non-US viewers and social success of the last dance, ESPN (Disney owned) won’t partner with competitor Netflix again 🏀 - Link

  12. Jump Start: A racing driver was fired for letting a pro gamer take his place in an e-sports race 🏁- Link

  13. Quarter Back: Miami Dolphins is opening its stadium up to become a drive-thru theatre 🏈- Link

  14. Mod Issues: Censorship and labeling have been in the news this week, Reddit often confuses people, here’s how the (elite) power mods control Reddit and what or who succeeds 🕹- Link

  15. Authentic: How music videos have been shot in recent times 🎤- Link

  16. Hot Coral? Wired with a good insight into the slightly confused world of the challenge (neo)bank space, with a spotlight on Monzo & the potential difficult road ahead 💳 - Link

  17. AirBustnB: A video breakdown of Airbnb & their vulnerability in the future ✈️ - Link

  18. Need a Friday work pick up, this Kevin Hart video will give you a boost 🚀- Link

  19. Quick fire reads:
    You can schedule tweets from Twitter web, YouTube is now offering chapters (DVD feature), Facebook are going to verify profiles going viral quickly, cults have hit TikTok and how to stop FaceTime resizing windows.

Another top job by the BK marketing team over in Germany (pic source)

—5 Tips—

Today's 5 tips come from Shane Forster, Shane is country manager for and offers some standout advice for retailers and businesses to get the most out of their review ecosystem.

—Most retailers haven't really revised their online review strategy for years. They're stuck in the process of just inviting customers to leave a review of one of the various portals and integrating a badge on their site. If this is you, then 2015 wants their review strategy back! Customer demands have developed, and so should your strategy!

  1. Simultaneously collect shop and product reviews. Google has been testing a lot of new Shopping Features in the USA, such as Popular Products in organic search and free listing in Google Shopping. Both tests have shown that product reviews help visibility. These new features will be coming to Europe by the end of 2020, so get ahead of the changes now.

  2. Connect your reviews platform with your ticketing system. When was the last time you were proactively contacted by the retailer after an online purchase? Probably never! By simply connecting your review platform to your ticketing system, your support team can easily address any issues which arose directly with the customer within the current workflows. The bar to impress customers is set so low here, because very few companies currently do it. Be the exception.

  3. Use review content for social media. Consumers trust the opinions of other consumers much more than the marketing messages from brands. So put the voice of your customers front and centre! This can be easily powered by collecting both photo and video reviews from customers reviewing products.

  4. If you are spending any money on Google Ads, make sure you are collecting Google Seller Ratings with a licenced Google Partner. Once you are spending more than £500/month on Google Ads, the cost savings you'll gain from lower CPCs should result in the investment paying for itself.

  5. Be mindful of diminishing returns. The influence which additional reviews have are very different if you have collected 75 or 875 reviews. As such, the long-term value proposition of review collection is more about what value can be extracted from that new review - can it be used as marketing collateral? If it's a negative review, can that customer be retained? Does this customer have a large Instagram following and could be an influencer for your brand?

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