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Must Reads: 22nd May 2020 | 20 Must Reads including a spotlight on the podcast industry and how to actually have good video calls and video pitches.
This week’s 5 tips from Product and Marketing leader Anat Sneh-Matalon.

—Newsletter Update—

Some programming and scheduling news; Must Reads despite being more popular and read more than ever will be going back to one newsletter per week. There will be an occasional spotlight on important topics or essential must-read, must-listen, and must-watch content sent ad-hoc.
The Why: To provide Must Readers with the most value to you and my new business I will be more ruthless in my editing and selection of great Must’s.

—Hit Of The Week—

What does President Obama, Michelle Obama, Beyonce, Doja Cat, Lady Gaga, Lizzo & Taylor Swift all have in common?
Well, they are part of YouTube's live steam for Dear Class of 2020 (the life moments in 2020 will have to be streamed live). Streaming 6th of June…


—Must Reads—

  1. Video Meetings Suck: Here are great tips for remote pitching, remote sessions and team meetings ✅ - Link

  2. The battle in podcasting: Deep-dive into the Joe Rogan’s move to Spotify and what it actually means for the podcast ecosystem 🎧 - Link

  3. Zoomed: on from Sunday’s fashion shoot via facetime, vanity fair shoots June cover via Zoom 📷 - Link
    — Want one of those annoying looping videos on Zoom or Meet? Here’s how Karen is doing it 📸 - Link

  4. Pep Talk: How to give a pep talk someone really needs 🗣 - Link

  5. New New? How a 125-year network dabbawala’s in India has been repackaged as food delivery companies 🛵 - Link

  6. Legend: Dave Trott reminds us to think more broadly and creatively to be successful 💯- Link

  7. Once you pop: Pringles had to stop advertising in front of Joe Wicks videos, un/fortuantely smart marketing had to stop ✋ - Link

  8. New Ad: How Tokyo 2020 (Olympics) sponsors have pivoted their ads for the event 🏃‍♀️ - Link

  9. Economics: Is Twitch tipping and coin the future for the music industry? 👾 - Link

  10. Audience Development: Will we see other sports follow the NFL with live games streamed on kids channels 🏈 - Link

  11. Finally: AppleTV+ has been a little underwhelming, now they are looking to build out its back catalog to complete in the SVOD space 🍿 - Link

  12. Round 2: Google vs Microsoft just got interesting again…Microsoft’s Fluid Framework (think Lego bricks) is showing us what the next level of productivity is 📄 - Link
    Microsofts longterm framework is coming for cloud-based OS, think - docs, (chat) slack, (storage) dropbox & wiki’s like coda & notion.

  13. Paid Newsletter: How one person built a $13m newsletter in 4 years 📧 - Link
    I have a long way to go, better get that paywall up 😉

  14. Watch Parties: BBC have created their version of watch parties allowing you watch in groups, including pausing & rewinding 📺 - Link

  15. Gamed? Music like many things have been open to being gamed, The Billboard 100 has come under some scrutiny over its latest number 1 🎵 - Link

  16. Not popular enough: OnlyFans has a reputation for adult-only content, well many creators are complaining they are being pushed out for influencers and celebrities 👎- Link
    Two things to keep in mind when joining any platform, especially with paid platforms: (1) platforms will go for those with the biggest networks (drive new subs and drive revenue) and (2) quality always wins over quantity, especially those with huge networks as large networks the acquisition flywheel.

  17. Profession: The cosplay industry is struggling 👗- Link

  18. Trash: How the chain email became a thing (like the fake news spread on WhatsApp etc) 📧 - Link

  19. Ooo: Beauty goes into the groceries business 💄 - Link

  20. Are You Not Entertained: Finished The Last Dance and got the sports doc bug, here are 50 other docs you can watch next 🎾 - Link

—5 Tips—

Today’s five tips come from Anat Sneh-Matalon. Anat is a Marketer and Product leader. Anat was recently CMO at a large remittance company and an investment startup.
Anat offers 5 tips to take your performance forward.  

—Today, more than ever, you should be focusing on getting more bang for your buck.

  1. Pause channels which are performing less than others, or that your ability to measure their effectiveness is low.

  2. Improve the performance of your ads through creative testing and frequent refresh. This is critical especially when advertising on social media (Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat etc.).

  3. Test both targeted as well as grouped segments using tools like Facebook’s cross-border targeting and lookalike audiences.

  4. Pay extra attention to CRO (conversion rate optimisation) across the entire funnel. You’ve already paid for this user so you might as well optimise the steps in the user’s journey to make sure he/she converts (purchases, signs up, activates - whatever is relevant for your product). Note, this includes all the communication you have with the user - type (email, push notification etc.), timing and frequency. Here too - test, test, test!

  5. For brand awareness, try shifting ATL budgets to influencer marketing. It’s cheaper, more measurable and will help build your awareness among younger audiences who watch less TV (if at all). Besides, everyone is on social media - your brand should be there too. (The Goat Agency are doing great work - worth checking them out).

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