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Amazon changed everyday life & now Brands *need* prime day

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—Hit Of The Week—

Here is an example of why you have to love creativity and how people are leveraging tech platforms to celebrate in a normal way as possible.
To be honest, the whole thread is an amazing use of tech to make it relevant to the school kids - Link

—The Must Reads—

  1. The unspoken: This is an important element of your day to day, many don’t ask if their boss is ok or HR teams don’t acknowledge the emotional toll of being a or the boss 👥 - Link

  2. New Burnout: How to avoid the latest wave of burnout, WFH burnout 😞 - Link

  3. Links: Conspiracy theorists are using the Wayback Machine to promote “zombie content" 🔗 - Link

  4. Risky: Reddit is now offering chatrooms 💭 - Link
    Community: A fascinating look at ‘online community’ - how Reddit built a pixel world - Link

  5. Blogs over Twitter: Something I have been suggesting for a number of months - Expert Twitter' Only Goes So Far. Bring Back Blogs 👏 - Link

  6. Influencer Coach: How creator coach to helping influencers navigate the current landscape 🗣 - Link

  7. Viral: How 5G conspiracy theories spread on Facebook and YouTube 🕸 - Link 

  8. AR beats Makeup? How AR (on Insta obviously) is changing makeups 💄 - Link

  9. Concert? Was fortnite’s record-breaking event with Travis Scott a concert or was it something else? Whatever it’s called it’s impressive 🎤 - Link
    Find out why it was so impressive & the opportunity with 300m users and how you can leverage fortnite social graph 🎮 - Link

  10. Primed? Brands are counting down to Prime day, but will it happen, or does Amazon even need it? 📦 Link

  11. Amazon-ing: Want to understand why Amazon is scaring Google and Facebook? Here’s a good summary 🧾- Link

  12. Brand Marketing No?: Marketing sometimes isn’t the right thing to do - friend of the newsletter Harry Lang drops some wisdom of why it isn’t ✅ - Link

  13. Truth: Why advertising is so bad 💯 - Link

  14. Fake: Here comes the deep fake iPhone generation 📲 - Link
    And Jay-Z is using copyright to take down deepfakes - Link

  15. The British Museum has opened up 1.9m images for free 🖼 - Link


—5 Tips—

Paula has featured a number of times on Must Reads, Paula is also known as The LDN Diaries. Paula is a creator and an influencer, Paula’s lifestyle blog has been creating great content for the last eight years.

— The fact that over 50,000 people have watched me hold up a bag, pretty much sums up why I love TikTok. If you are not using TikTok for yourself or for your brand then I highly suggest starting now. TikTok isn't just dances and silly antics, in fact, there is a handful of helpful content on there. The amount of things I've learnt in the small time I've been on there is amazing.

Here are 5 of my favourite tips and tricks I've picked up, enjoy!

  1. Stuck for content ideas? Try these - TikTok Link

  2. How to create custom Instagram stickers - TikTok Link

  3. Spy on anyone's website - TikTok Link

  4. Did you know the iPhone has a magnifying tool? See how it it works here - TikTok Link

  5. Write better social and blog titles - TikTok Link

And of course, here is a funny TikTok video - Link

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Got tips FOMO, all the tips are saved over on Medium - Link


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