🤳Social Media Harms Your Mental Health

Subtle ways of tackling social media on social media

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I found this story an interesting way many young people are using their pictures and personal brands on social media to warn of the issues caused from social: 🔗 How the phone case and selfies are fighting Social Media’s impact on our mental health

🤩 10 Must Reads 🤩

  1. 🧐 Shift Away From Transparency: 🔗Jessie is an ex Google employee, this week Jessie released a huge tweetstorm where she talks about the change at Google and the impact the cultural shift had on her and the Google team.

  2. 📲Addict: 🔗Like 99% of other people and addicted to scrolling on your phone, here is how you break that

  3. 😴 Sleep overrated: 🔗Is the 4am CEO winning or are they suffering from ASP?

  4. 📈Power Of Data: 🔗Apple Music now has a top 50 chart, powered by Shazam data

  5. 🚕 Brand Power: 🔗Will Uber’s power come under threat in Europe now Bolt has released food delivery

  6. ⁉️Dominance: 🔗Why giving more power to Google AMP you give away more than just code

  7. 📝Algorithmic Power: 🔗Algorithms are taking over and are now even trading student essays (And wrongly)

  8. 🎤 Lose Yourself: 🔗Eminem is suing Spotify for copyright infringement

  9. 💗Marketing Must Reads:
    🔗People are listening to Branded Podcasts, Even McDonalds,
    🔗The Boardrooms obsession with NPS is dangerous and misunderstood, 🔗LinkedIn’s 20+ million accounts & it’s impact,
    🔗SurveyMonkeys pricing change broken-down,
    🔗A look at why these once famous social networks died
    🔗Absolute must read shared by friend of Must Reads Simon Swan - Resisting Marketing’s Drift Towards The Business Of Value Destruction

  10. 🥑 Everyone Loves Filthy Food: 🔗How Greggs sold their food to The Middle Class

👗Pop Culture Update of the week 👗

It might finally be a line of clothing that fans actually want to buy and wear
(Thanks @theldndiaries for letting me know about this)

⏯ Video of the week ⏯

As the most clicked and watched person on the Must Read Newsletter, here’s another installment of Simon Sinek with Zappo’s CEO (Culture king) Tony Hsieh

🧐 Final Thought 🧐

This week has been another week where Social Media has been leveraged. From millions of fake account removals, posting hoax across Instagram, advertising attacks to control news cycle on Hong Kong (by 🇨🇳) across Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

But most concerning to me, the media not covering the Amazon rain forest fire for three weeks. As I have said previous Social Media is so important and powerful it really is a place designed for the good, the bad (actors) and the ugly (bullying, impacting mental health, the list goes on).

Social Media needs to evolve and grow up, there are always grey and black hats that try and leverage Social. But where does the responsibility land?

On this week’s Must Listen👂 podcast 🔗 Pivot Live 🔗 Prof Scott Galloway & Kara Swisher talk all things Social Media, it’s impact and the responsibility of the likes of Mark Zuckerberg.

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