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Must Reads: 26th June 2020 | This week’s newsletter includes: vending machines, fashion indoor vs outdoor shows battle, the 40 fundamental problems in business & how to spend your following wikihow articles.

This weeks 5 Tips come from Newsletter Curator and influence weekly owner Andrew Kamphey.

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—Must Reads—

  1. The 40: How many of the 40 does your business get? 🤔 - Link

  2. Brand 🆕 Tips: This week I was a panelist on brand is back panel, speaking alongside brand tracking and conjoint company Nepa and Kindred (the people who own the majority of betting companies in the UK) - here are my answers & large number of tips for Business, Marketing and Brand leaders for the next 18 months - Link

  3. Culture: Apple’s venture into AR and VR might just be struggling, why? Internal politics and culture - Link

  4. How to think under pressure 💭 - Link

  5. Smart: The smart secret behind search terms and RSS to find the perfect match on eBay, Etsy & therealreal 👏- Link

  6. Money: Is revenge spend a thing? Chinese record spend seems to suggest so 🇨🇳- Link

  7. Hmm: The Darkside & dirty tricks of the wellness industry 💊 - Link

  8. Do no evil: The disaster relief squad funded & powered by Google cofounder 💟 - Link

  9. Fashion Fight Back: The fashion show has been hugely impacted, here’s Burberry’s answer. Outdoor runways 👗- Link
    —But Paris still thinks it’s going ahead inside 🇫🇷 - Link

  10. JTBD: Spotify has really used the jobs to be done framework for podcasting, Spotify is now auto applying coupon codes within its ads platform 🎯- Link

  11. 👑 🐝: Probably the best use of Twitter threads - The evolution of Beyonce’s rap-singing - Link

  12. The genius of Amazon 🛒 - Link

  13. Flash: Is Olympus exiting the camera market a sign of how marketing campaigns and pinning hopes on one product the sign of the future? 📸 - Link

  14. Mainstream Crypto? PayPal and Venmo are said to be going into crypto, this matters as it makes crypto widely available, question is, will anyone actually understand it enough? ⚗️- Link

  15. Touchless: The vending machine is making a comeback into its own in 2020 - LinkIf you have ever worked with me, you’ll know my love for vending machines and the opportunities they offer

  16. Loophole: How 6 vloggers, Zoom and rental of a cinema/theater - Link

  17. Evolution: Why birds can fly over Everest - Link

  18. Here is a way to spend your Friday - How about spending it by following wikihow articles 😆 - Link

    Thanks to (my former colleague & great Product Manager) Debo Goschalk and 5 tips star Paula Holmes for sharing great stories with me this week.

—Focus On These Leadership Tips—

Here are three important short actionable letters for leaders -
(1) Develop Leaders (2) Ride of a lifetime lessons (3) Future Seers

“Leadership is a state of mind, an attitude rather than a job title”

—5 Tips—

Today's 5 tips comes from Newsletter creator & owner of Influence Weekly Andrew Kamphey.

  1. Find Formats That Drive Conversations and Clicks: see LandingFolio's - 200 Best headlines Formulas

  2. Use the free Hemingway app. It helps you write simply and effectively. For example, I learned to delete "just" from my writing.

  3. Write for someone. See their face as you write. This helps frame your audience and understand how it will resonate.

  4. Write fast. Learn to type fast. Your thoughts are fast and your typing could match. You'll write more. From Quantity comes quality. For me I learned that I hate writing for a long time but I can edit for hours. Typing fast gets me to editing faster.

  5. Edit a lot. Edit 6 times, at least. You'll be surprised at how much your initial writing does not match with your intention. Editing is where the communication happens. Cut repeating phrases. Move words around to help flow. Cut. Cut. Cut. Get to the point.

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