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🎧 Can a food bot help with food management and your nutritional needs? 🎧
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Micro Blog: TikTok 🚀

TikTok announced they hit 1billion users, this is likely the quickest any network has hit 1billion users, TikTok has been out since 2016 (remember musically) and seen huge growth over the last 36 months, thanks to owning the 30-90 second micro-moments of boredom, allowing remixing and being creative first, unlike many other social networks and competitors.

TikTok users are those who use the app but something to consider is how many more people interact and see TikTok without needing the app, watching embeds, watching the downloaded video and being shared the videos on group chat, on email and slack/teams. The important point here is, unlike so many other apps, you really do not need TikTok downloaded (or logged in) to use and consume TikTok and this is something unique to TikTok.

Next time you think about building something or creating your strategy, maybe consider how (BuzzFeed originally) TikTok are everywhere, on every platform, all the time and how this could work for you. Brand recognition and usage doesn’t always have to mean your users have to have the app, brought from you or have to even create and be “active”, engaging passive users are just as important in this distributed world.
Keep an eye out for the first live buyable stream partnership between TikTok, singer Zara Larsson & sports brand Ellesse.

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