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Must Read Articles Of The Week

  1. Internal Communication Masterclass 👏
    Why Read It? Andy Jassy the new Amazon CEO sent his first memo to the Amazon team and it’s a masterclass, read about why language, the use of “we” and clarity of the future is so important
    - Read the full masterclass

  2. Why Post It Notes Should Guide Your Comms 📝
    Why Read It? Post-it notes ensure you keep it simple, you get to the point and can tease more interest - Read the full article

  3. Misinformation Catches Out Gen Z 😬
    Why Read It? A Stanford Research Assistant has gathered information on why Gen Z falls for a huge amount of misinformation and disinformation online: a teaser… it has to do with their social make-up their community, how authority is worked out & a little FOMO. It’s worth a read if you work in a space that sells to or influences Gen Z - Read the full story


  4. It’s Ok To Not Be Ok! 💯
    Why Read It? Mental health is vitally important, we have made many steps forward in recent years but it is imperative that celebrities and sporting heroes call out how they suffer to normalise issues. With the Olympics kicking off Naomi’s story is a must read! - Read the important story

  5. Mario 64 Worth $1.5m? 🕹
    Why Read It? This week Mario 64 sold for over $1.5m, the movement towards collectables and nostalgia is turning into serious cash. Dust off your boxes at home or at your parents and see what you might have. This market is really important as we are moving towards marketplaces and auctions for things we grew up with (like Pokemon cards & NFT’s paying homage to the retro)
    - Read the full story

  6. Amazon Watching You Sleep? 🛌
    Why Read It? When will we learn that big tech doesn’t have to see or hear us 100% of our time? Yes, sleep is vital to us however being analysed and watched by big tech all the time is not healthy for us. This is where it is your personal choice, however, please consider the implementations around more devices in the bedroom.
    - Read the full article

  7. Netflix Record Deals Show Expansion Plans 🚀
    Why Read It? Shonda Rhimes is the hottest creator on the planet, her latest Netflix deal is a record and started negotiating when Bridgeton shot to the most streamed show of all time. Her new deal includes merchandising, games and live shows, highlighting the reports that Netflix is trying to become Disney 2.0
    - Read the full details

  8. Google’s Hypocrital Hybrid Issue 😱
    Why Read It? Google’s latest cultural issue is allowing one exec to move to New Zealand and work and then everyone else being forced back in the office or worse still take a pay cut
    - Link to cartoon & link to story behind the cartoons

    👉 FYI I am just finishing the touches on the updated Hybrid Work Guide, ~28 pages to help your business win the Hybrid transistion, hit reply for your copy or sign up here.

  9. You Know Whats Cool? A Billion Dollars 💵
    Why Read It? Facebook are going to pay creators one billion dollars to create unique content. Why? To ensure it keeps somewhat relevant in the time and attention landscape of social media.
    FWIW Surpringly Facebook is still in the top ten in downloads in the 🇺🇸, 🇨🇦 & 🇦🇺 (via AppAnnie data)

    - Read the full article / tweetstorm

  10. The Logistics Of The Olympics 🏋️‍♀️
    Why Watch It? Well worth the watch about the incredible effort that goes into hosting the Olympics 👇


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