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  • TikTok is the latest breakout app (and marketers are scrambling to work it out) of 2018 and 2019, you might see their video’s everywhere, web series made about it and a mad dash for uncool people to join. It’s whole ecosystem is based on trends and making the person on the other end of the camera a star for 15 seconds, it’s fascinating and was talk of the town at Vidcon.
    Here are some stats to show you their size and why it’s likely important for you:

🤩 Must Reads 🤩

  1. 🧠 Why the corner shop / convenience store might just be Amazon’s greatest work

  2. 👨‍💻 Stat of the week: “Managers spend 85% of the day in meetings, on the phone or talking to people about work, not doing it. It’s flexible and adaptive, but conflicts with the way that the human brain operates” - Carl Newport

  3. 🥃 This study shows why alcohol is so dangerous and it’s all down to science

  4. 🥅 Why record shirt sales for women’s 🇺🇸⚽️ team after winning the World Cup was really Nike’s World Cup
    Also read: Paddy Power have done it again, this time breaking football kit rules

  5. 🎧 Everyone has a podcast..why people are craving peak podcast

❤️ Marketing / Growth / Advertising Must Reads ❤️

💵 Business Must Reads 💵

  • Slack is now number 2 in the corporate messaging space but CEO compares it to Bing and Google+ - brute force won’t help Microsoft (teams)

  • Remember the Google walk out of recent months, unfortunately many of those involved in starting the movement have left. Goes to show, some companies want to change and enable it, others don’t.

  • Apple are going all in funding original podcasts to keep controlling the podcast market. FWIW exclusive albums and music on platforms really didn’t work and exclusivity on podcast really struggle to match how podcasts is structured and considered. With that said, If anyone can corner the market, it’s likely Apple.

    A way to think about podcasts in the audio attention economy:
    Music: everyday listening - low cost and easy to consume, most likely multi task to or with
    —> Podcasts: mostly free, episodic and long form, easy to consume, can multi task with one on
    —> Audiobooks: expensive purchases, dedicated time stretched over a long period of time, need to concentrate
    The reason this is so important is audio is being bundled together and looking to unbundle (tackle) radio - why? Radio is listened to by 1 in 3 Brits (& higher stats in US) everyday and has huge advertising budgets. This is why podcasts are so important for affinity and advertising revenues.

🚀 Product Must Reads 🚀

🎧 Must Listen Of The Week 🎧
& ❝Quote that resonated with me this week❞

"We weren't trying to re-invent the wheel – we were just trying to reverse it." — Whitney Wolfe Herd, Bumble Founder

There were two stand out moments in this podcast, one how durable and versatile Bumble and their team have had to be and how they are proactive with product “hi-jacking”.
⏯Listen here

🤔Final Thought 🤔

It’s that time of the quarter again where Simon and Data Reported release the previous quarters stats and as ever it’s packed with incredible insights 

My top 5 are: 

  1. Share of web traffic by device mobile usage has dropped and laptops and computers have increased 

  2. Most visited websites (Similarweb data) Google, YouTube, Facebook, Baidu and Wikipedia (and without surprise a lot of social networks & porn sites) 

  3. Portugal, Brazil, Columbia, Mexico and Spain are most concerned about misuse of their personal data 

  4. Adblockers are particularly popular in Asia (US and UK are actually quite low vs where I thought they would be) 

  5. There is now 3.5 billion social media users online - this is insane!

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