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Hey there, it’s Friday, I hope you are all doing ok!
With everything going on I am going to keep sending fun, interesting links, stories, and some ideas for TV, movies, games, and a few books for the weekend.  

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👍Hits of the week 👍: New York Times awareness (below), LVMH hand sanitizer (below), Balance App offering free mental health usage on their app & TikTok & Pinterest adding disclaimers and info when you search or things are tagged and scribd are giving away 30 days free reading.
👏 to them all 👏

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😍 The Must-Reads Of The Week 😍 

If you are looking for a few recommendations for this weekend, here are a few I have to binge watch or game:
📺 TV - Homeland, Succession, Suits, Killing Eve, Toy Story 4, The Simpsons, The Morning Show, Truth be told, McMillions.
🍿Films - The Shawshank Redemption, Layer Cake, all of the Toy Stories, Saving Private Ryan.
👾Games - Mario Kart, Mario Smash Tennis, Chess (go old school), Monopoly.

Happily, let me know what your recommendations are.


Who knew chimps love kool-aid too

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👏You Made It To The End 👏

Thanks for reading this week’s Must Read’s. Please go and have a good weekend!  Take care of yourself, please.

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