You have 369 Instagram Accounts??

Trolling aren't easy

Danny Denhard

Happy Friday!

Imagine having the time or energy to create more than 1 Instagram account, well for some it’s just part of their life. A female bodybuilder created and trolled fellow bodybuilders with 369 (yes 369) accounts.
Yes, bonkers right!?!

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👏 Your Must-Reads Of The Week 👏

  1. 🤳RIP Social?: Londoners have hit peak Social Media (and want to create more lasting memories)

  2. 🎬Meme or Me-may: How meme’s changed Hollywood

  3. 🤫Secret: Why Edward Snowden became a whistleblower

  4. 😡Egos: The breakdown of Thomas Cook and its failure

  5. 💨Wind: Find out why the power of wind will be so important to 🇬🇧 in 2020 and beyond

  6. 🙈This message will self destruct in…. WhatsApp is going to be testing a new private chat feature (ala Snapchat 2016)

  7. 👏Hack: How the US hacked ISIS

  8. 🤔Troll: A bodybuilder created 369 Instagram accounts…to troll her fellow bodybuilder

  9. 🔗Connection Request Denied: LinkedIn launched new connections play to increase your network size providing you more opportunity to get your next job or spend time helping others.

  10. 🍳Dark Kitchens Taking Over: Why Ubers ousted co-founder is betting and investing big in ghost kitchens over delivery especially in 🇮🇳

  11. ⬆️On Safari: I have recently made the personal move to Safari at home (and use it more and more at work) and this is a good article on why Safari is underrated

  12. 👀 Insta-fleunce: With 85k different drink choices: How Instagram influenced Starbucks Foam Trend

  13. 🐑Baaa: Airbnb Animals was released in the UK this week, fancy afternoon tea with a naughty sheep, well you can

  14. 📝Spell Check: Grammarly’s Content Strategy 20M+ Daily Active Users

  15. 📈Growth Commandments: Here is my take on how to develop and win out as a Growth Department (And why it is different between Product & Marketing)

  16. 💯Podcast : A little reminder to listen to my podcast from last week 💯

❤ The importance of brand (design & logo) ❤

💬Quote Of The Week 💬

WeWork’s U.S. Marketing Chief emailed colleagues to tell them Google had found “the most alarming negative sentiment trends they have seen compared to prior companies in similar situations.” Buying ads to steer web users to friendly ground would “blow through our weekly paid search budget in a few hours.”

Thanks for reading Must Reads this week.

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