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Danny Denhard

Yes I know, two newsletters in one week, so why you ask; I took feedback that Monday might be a little late to send and share the must reads, although I target timeless and important posts, let’s see how Friday’s works out.

👏 Five Must Reads 👏

  1. Duke of Cambridge challenges football clubs to do more for mental health 🤛

  2. E-sports revenue is going to top $1billion (yes with a b) in 2019 👾

  3. Leaving facebook does have a positive effect on your mental health (who would have thought it) 👍

  4. How the worlds most prolific art thieve stole over $1.4 billion worth of art 🖌

  5. The key to how to stop obsessing over your mistakes 😲

❤️ Marketing / Growth / Advertising ❤️

In save a click news;
YouTube have disabled comments from child friendly content (easier to change part of the product not the algorithm), reddit is testing tips for redditors, Facebook workplace (their version of slack) has over 2 million customers, even with their questionable actions, Blackberry (yeah those guys) is suing Twitter for 6 patent infringements - means Twitter might have to change, TikTok had over 1billion downloads in 2018, whatsapp is going to have its own crypto coin, its how Facebook is going to make its money from messaging and Twitter is going to allow hiding your replies from timelines.

💵 Business 💵

🥶 Innocent wins tweet of the week ☀️

🚀 Product 🚀

🤔My Ponderings 🤔

Dream Crazier? I shared the latest Nike advert on LinkedIn and Twitter (my pleasure Nike, with 19500 views, 170 likes, 121 reshares and some trolling) it got quite a lot of positive attention, it is interesting how different social networks posts have a much longer lifespan, LinkedIn’s native video upload is well a test. LinkedIn has had an increase in engagement by 60% YoY and is doing everything to serve you more relevant content and connect you with more people, unlike Twitter and other networks connecting their community with content is essential and their newsfeed is only improving.
Here is a good article on Nike’s week

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