🤯 You spent $4m on a Super Bowl ad and you're not even live? 💴

The power of marketing or panic of getting your brand out there? 😱

Happy Friday! This week has been action packed right.
I am continuing the alternative takes, 5 Must Reads you have unlikely enjoyed yet.
Thanks for making last weeks Must Reads the most opened and read yet.


The 5 Must-Reads You Might Not Have Seen This Week

Fraud GIF
  1. 🍔 I cannot wait for McMillions, a 6 part deepdive into McDonalds monopoly scam of the 90’s. The trailer is here

  2. 💯 100 years: An incredible look back at 1920 in photos

  3. 👟A video looking at the new Nike trainers / sneakers for the 2020 Olympic

  4. 🇺🇸 How Mac n Cheese was adopted by America

  5. 🎤 Do you present at conferences or have team members hard of hearing or deaf, you might find the caption (CC) feature in google slides beneficial


😍 The Must-Reads Of The Week 😍

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