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This week has been jam-packed with news and entertainment stories, I have attempted to provide an alternative view and added Must Read stories you likely haven’t seen or read.

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The 5 Must-Reads You Might Not Have Seen This Week

  1. 👑How personality affected Megan & Harry’s relationship with the press

  2. 😟How anxiety impacts even the most elite of athletes
    Anxiety impacts us all, some worse than others, as someone who has battled anxiety and panic attacks, I found this article from elite UFC fighters fascinating 🤛

  3. 🤩Emoji licence plates coming to the 🇺🇸

  4. 👾Pokemon Go drove $249m for Tourism revenue

  5. Google is working on a chatbot that can answer anything
    Similar to what Facebook tried with M, could this be the next step for search engine results pages…


😍 The Must-Reads Of The Week 😍


  1. 📸 If you have a ring doorbell, you might want to re-consider what it tracks (and sells to marketing to firms)

  2. 🥼 How doctors have taken over TikTok to ensure transparency

  3. ⏰How scarcity is driving the luxury clothing market

  4. 🗺Remember Flipboard? Well, their latest Product pivot is to go local
    In many businesses, you either go up the stack or go down the stack to find business growth, in this instance Flipboard can consider going down the stack to serve their users (FWIW Flipboard is semi-automated but like Apple news relies on Editors)

  5. 💬Teaching 300 million people a new language, apps can be useful

  6. 🤯Did you know the average person is productive for under 3 hours per day

  7. Why modern-day advertising is broken (Good share by a friend of Must Reads Carl Hendy)

  8. 🎧 Podcasts are now being used as companions to TV shows
    ITV have used this tactic for a couple of years (as has many sporting channels), MTV UK has now followed the trend, it is pretty smart, highly engaged viewers wanting more and easy to convert to DAU listeners

  9. 🧵 Twitter released a thread on how to tweet as a senior leader and a brand (thanks to Paula from the Theldndiaries)

  10. 👓 Snap is rolling out bitmoji tv this weekend and it puts you (well your bitmoji) at the centre of a 4 minute TV show
    Snap might just have found a way for other networks not to copy them and reuse this on their platform, Snap is still bigger than Twitter and other networks, this is likely to help them for some time in fighting to stay relevant

  11. 📹Netflix is reportedly letting go some of the marketing team to advertise the service over shows
    This is a surprise to me as Netflix is awesome at promoting and re-using content as memes and social content to help people discover, relive and discuss shows.
    Netflix’s not so secret success metric looks like: How many recommendations + marketing spend. This would likely have to change now with the pivot to service over content.

  12. 🎉 117 new emojis coming to a device near you!

  13. 👌Slides: Quickfire content tips and opportunities & Blog Post

  14. 🌏 Friend of the newsletter Simon and his firm have released the must-read Global digital 2020 overview report

  15. —Ecommerce Reads—
    🛒How Shopify is coming for Amazon
    🏷 How Amazon, EBay and other online stores get you to buy
    🇨🇳 How storytelling cuts through cultural differences & helps brands win internationally

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