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Must Reads: 17th July 2020 | A shorter Must Reads includes: How to find out if your work culture is broken, Amazon’s next tech, Lisbon vs Airbnb, Diesel’s innovation in denim fighting viruses and the Birkenstock story.

This week’s 5 tips come from eCommerce leader, podcaster, and all-around gent James Gurd.


—Friday Fun—

Look how happy these penguins are getting a check up!

—Must Reads—

  1. Culture: Want to know if your company culture is broken? 😱 - Link

  2. Leaders Letter: The power of an internal motto 🗣 - Link

  3. Trust your gut: Struggling a little with knowing when your gut is right, here a good article for you 👉- Link

  4. Innovative: Three more innovations from Amazon, the first Amazon continues cashier-less shopping with smart shopping cart tech 🛒 - Link
    The second, Amazon’s QVC offering for influencers - Link
    The third is very smart, Zappo’s offering single shoe purchases - Link

  5. Long & Local: Lisbon’s approach to beat Airbnb 🇵🇹 - Link
    -Lisbon is quite forward-thinking and offering this scheme might break the Airbnb rent trap that many other cities have fallen into

  6. Lost: What happens to lost luggage 🧳- Link

  7. 100: Here is how to create a great deck that drives emotion ✅ - Link

  8. A Game: How to spot a banned on Amazon? 🎯 Link

  9. Pivot: Great Twitter thread from Atom (the cool new sneaker brand) of how they pivoted during the lockdown and created masks 😷- Link
    So many brands missed the opportunity to pivot & now will be late to the game again

  10. Demin Win: Diesel has a new denim range that halts 99% of viral infection 👖 - Link

  11. “Key Transitions”: Why the songs from when you went to school have such a profound impact on you 🎶 - Link
    Anyone else still listen to the same music genre and albums from school?

  12. i: How the Birkenstock became the must-have item 👣- Video Link
    Personally they aren’t for me but incredible to see where and how they have grown

  13. Many people’s dream podcast happened this week, Helene & Seth Godin with Simon Sinek 🎧 - Podcast Link

—Looking For Marketing Must Reads?—

I’m trying something different, as there were so many great stories, here is the list of must-read marketing articles from this week 💯 - Link

—5 Tips—

This week’s 5 tips are from E-commerce leader, #ecomchat cofounder, podcaster and all-around great man James Gurd for delivering a high-quality UX for Product list pages:

  1. Consider the landing page experience when you don’t have a hero banner – ensure there is a fallback state that doesn’t deliver a sub-optimal design that looks like tumbleweed has set-in

  2. Insert hero content into the grid to vary the visual display and enable merchandisers to focus visitors on seasonally relevant products or messages

  3. Prioritise the filter order based on real usage; dig into analytics to see which filters are used most and correlate to positive actions like add to Bag and checkout conversion

  4. Test the impact of content components at the top and bottom of the grid, for example, customer reviews, editorial blocks, customer service prompts, value-add features etc.

  5. Be creative with the hover-over feature (see how Gucci does this on desktop) and test swappable carousel images for a product on the mobile PLP – find ways to surface more content without the need for more clicks.

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