Marketing Must Reads 17th July

How about trying out something new:


  1. Brilliant: Apple’s WFH video (aka brilliant iPad and iCloud suite ad) is 💯

  2. New Standard: How new presenting tool mmhmm is tackling zoom fatigue with a PlayStation controller - Link

  3. New Coke: How coca-cola has embraced QR codes for contactless tech movement - Video Link

  4. The Type House: How a community of newsletter entrepreneurs are using the creator house idea and telegram IM (and substack) to create a bundle of paid newsletters (aka new media company) - Link

  5. Spellcheck Marketing: A fun breakdown of Grammarly’s marketing - Link

  6. Discovery: Spotify is launching a podcast chart for top listens and trending podcasts - Link

  7. Google’s YouTube favouritism is finally being exposed - Link

  8. Marketing lies 👀: A deep look at brand purpose and if it is in fact, an advertising lie - Link

  9. Deck Data: Sistrix has released an up to date CTR data from Google SERP’s, they have some interesting data to challenge the old outdated numbers - Link

  10. Ouch: Airbnb is being challenged over asking to donate to hosts - Link

  11. Help to reshape your marketing efforts by putting brand first and taking these lessons - Video Link

  12. Viral: How friends of Must Reads created app store topper “Neverspoons” 📲 - Link

  13. Google Trends Data: Highlights the rapid explosion of searches from 2018 to 2020, March 2020 is very telling 😞 - Link