Death of the office? 🏢

Good Morning. Friday’s Must Reads was the most read to date, thank you to all for reading.

Today’s Must Reads includes 7 Must Reads and 5 great tips from brand and business coach Beth James.

—Sunday Must Reads—

  1. The New Normal? Is it Death of the office as we know it? - Link
    Earlier this week I ran a poll on Twitter - asking if it is the end of the office as we know it? - Link 
    Let me know what you think - is the office dead as we know it? 🤔 

  2. Mentor: I am passionate about mentorship (and coaching - yes the two are very different) and Simon Sinek nails how to think about mentorship - Video Link

  3. Insider Info: The slow death of journalism - Link

  4. Ramp Up: How Tesco managed to increase their deliveries slots to 1m per week - Link
    Meanwhile - Ocado has now set up in North America - Link

  5. The New Apple: The real reason why Apple has made the latest iPhone SE so cheap - Link

  6. Insta Shop: The world behind dropshipping & powering all those Instagram ads - Link

  7. Not all those who wander are lost”: For Harry Potter fans, Hogwarts escape room in Google Docs - Link

Finally, we might just see those drones deliveries we were promised, testing out in Florida for OAP’s prescriptions 🤖 - Link

—5 Tips—

Today's 5 tips are from brand & business coach and employee engagement specialist Beth James. Beth regularly shares actionable gems over on LinkedIn and it was a pleasure to work together many moons ago.

  1. Where can you deliver more value? The brands of tomorrow must look at ways they can play an active role in their community and serve needs greater than their own

  2. Know your why. Brands must have a grasp on their purpose and deeper "reason for being". Get clarity on why you exist and use this sentiment to guide your communications

  3. Speak to someone in your customer service team to get an honest insight into the way customers interact and what their expectations are. Look for ways to brand the customer experience

  4. Create a dialogue with your customer. Don't be a brand that preaches at people, look for ways to engage in a two-way conversation

  5. Struggling to differentiate? Don't labour over finding a product USP, explore other factors that might set you apart e.g. personality, the way you treat customers, how you interact online, what you value as a brand, etc.

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—Content Recommendations—

With my recent move back into consultancy and advising, I thought I would I would incorporate audible into my morning routine made easier with no commuting and fewer video calls. I finished my first full audiobook (I know, where is my badge right?), No Filter by Sarah Frier.

The book is the Instagram story (with many insider views) and is a look into the Instagram journey and how Instagram was deliberate with product features and perception than first thought and how turbulent the Facebook ownerships were. No Filter is well worth a read or a listen 📚 link.

Here are some other recommendations on TV & SVOD
- Defending Jacob on Apple tv+
- One Day at Disney on Disney+
- How to fix a drug scandal on Netflix
- Killing Eve on BBC

Thanks for reading and enjoy your week ahead. See you again on Friday. 
Danny Denhard 
~ Advisor & Consultant