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There Are Still Smart Ways Of Using Social Media 🕷

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Subject Line Explained: Getty Museum hid an emoji in the pic below 👇, there are still smart uses of Twitter out there…


FYI: Last week’s most popular must read story was how to fix a broken company culture.

Must Read Articles Of The Week 

  1. How To Stop Overthinking 🛑
    Metacognitive strategies sound intimidating but they really help you break your cycles of overthinking and being anxious & remove the what-if questions.
    - Read the helpful article

  2. Deep-dive into Instagram Giveaways 🏆
    Instagram giveaways are everywhere but do people actually win? I know decent companies ensure there are winners, however, not every comp has a winner This article explains all of the large giveaways
    - Read the full story

  3. 7 Business Lessons From Elon Musk 🚀
    Elon is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in modern history, here are 7 rules you should roll out in your business
    - Read the 7 lessons

  4. How A $14 New York Sandwich Losses Money 🥪
    The economics of coffee is often one that blows people’s mind, how one coffee costs 99¢ and others cost $6, well this economics of a $14 sandwich helps anyone to understand how restaurants of any size lose money.
    - Read the full breakdown

  5. How To Stop Self Sabotaging At Work 😥
    We all do it but this article helps to break down what actions we can take to stop our next screw up or deliberately looking to impact it.
    - Read the full story

  6. Personality Type Switch For Introverts 🤨
    Read how introverts can change their personalities depending on the situation & thrive, I’m not convinced they aren’t suggesting ambiverts in the article (which I am btw) but as the world is powered by introverts and you might be too, take a read…
    - Read the full story

  7. The Star Of Naomi Osaka 🎾
    I am a huge tennis fan, a very average player but more than just an armchair Wimbledon fan. Naomi is a huge star unfortunately she had to withdraw from the French Open tournament due to mental health concerns, (TLDR she is a big deal for the game currently world number 2 & for sponsors).
    Last year Naomi started to get the attention she deserved from sponsors, this is a deep-dive into her personality and why so many brands (alongside Nike, Nissan who have rightly backed her through her unfortunate public struggles) want to be connected to her.

    - Read the full story

  8. Vending Machine Cereal 🥣
    I am a huge vending machine fan, IMHO vending machines are the most powerful marketing and business machines you could invest in 2021, this is a smart idea from Kellog’s
    - Read the full story

  9. The Marathon Stars Who Can’t Stop Running 🏃‍♀️
    This long read from GQ is a great read on why many runners can’t stop running and the pressure they are under.
    - Read the full story

  10. The 2021 Work Life Balance Index
    The work life balance index was released this week and threw up some interesting cultural differences.
    See the full breakdown and index

  11. Bee’s Are Incredible 🐝
    Just another reminder that bees are incredible and understand time & jet lag…
    - Watch the video

  12. How Gen Z (aka Depop Gen) Thinks About Luxury 💵
    Bain & Vogue Business joined together to create a report on how Gen Z think about shopping, fashion and anxiety. Take this with a pinch of salt but interesting to see what is discussed and how luxury frames Gen Z.
    Worth noting Etsy brought depop for $1.6bn this week.

    - Read the full article
    How To Make It As A Fashion Brand 🧥 — A related read to the above story, well worth a read if you are connected to marketing, product or brand (does not have to be in fashion) - Read the full article with cheatsheet

  13. The App Store Makes 0 Sense 🤷‍♀️
    The power of social media and apps is unparalleled, a very simple copy and paste app (called Paste Keyboard) just ranked 1 in downloads, because of tiktok. We have seen this before but not at the rate we have recently. It will likely be a trend we see continue but the question is will this help these small apps or break them…likely break.
    - Read the full story

  14. 💯 Interesting Reads From Me 🚨
    Each week I write an anonymous career advice column (happily submit a question by filling out the form), this week I tackled - broken career paths 🧑‍💼

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"Hire character. Train skill." — Peter Schutz

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PS. Here is the best article from Focus this week - how OKR’s can negatively impact your company

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