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Must Reads: 24th July 2020 | Todays Must Reads includes: Are you a giver or taker? Twitch’s continued expansion, what comes after video call fatigue, the power of nostalgia, and importantly, can you speak Starbucks?


—Friday Fun—

This week’s fun comes from the smart and funny people at Lego. Which lego are you? I am the waver!


—Must Reads—

  1. Which one are you? Givers 👍 and Takers 👎 - Link
    Important read on the importance of having the right people around you.

  2. Looking For Marketing Must-Reads? A dedicated installment of Marketing Must Reads 💯 - Link

  3. Culture: Why the future of business is having more (EQ) emotional intelligence ♥️ - Link

  4. Twitch music takeover: How Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda created and produced music on Twitch 🎶 - Link
    Alongside rapper’s Logic’s switch to Twitch and Deals with Arsenal, Juventus Real Madrid, PSG, shows how deep Twitch (&Amazon) are going into traditional sports.
    Gaming in 2020 has seen the same amount of use as the last decade 🎮 - Link

  5. Hmm: Why we can’t remember our dreams 🛏 - Link

  6. 💤: What comes after video call fatigue - Link

  7. Remember: Nostalgia is one of the most powerful tactics you can have, although neuroscience has found out a memory doesn’t need to actually exist 🧠 - Link

  8. Easily Bored? Why some people struggle with boredom others thrive 😲 - Link

  9. Authenticity: Oatly is now taking on the whole of the dairy industry 💪 - Link

  10. Can you speak Starbucks? How brands use language to create tribes 👏 - Link
    This is a paywalled article on The Economist, interesting framing of ‘does a company language’ make its connection stronger with consumers, it’s smart leveraging humans looking for connection and humans requirements for belonging, so yes it’s a good tactic if you are big enough to try or you are creating a category.

  11. Camflunece? Is the celebrity happy birthday service Cameo the easiest way to get a celebrity to promote your brand or service? 🗣- Link

  12. Trends: Friend of Must Reads Simon Kemp and his company released some fascinating data this week, including how our digital habits have changed including; Search & Voice Evolution, Image Recognition usage spiking, the huge use of the 🔥 emoji & the rise of WFW (Work From Wherever) - Link


Thanks for reading, see you next Friday. 

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