Marketing Must Reads 24th July

Your fresh installment of the dedicated Marketing Must Reads

This is one of my pet peeves, brands competing and sending emails at the same time on the same day, in flowers it is every Tuesday and every Thursday (and even on some Sundays) - brand leaders please look up Subvert Category Norms or read the Choice Factory, please - I beg you!


  1. How Costco convinces brands to cannibalise with them - Link
    What a super smart strategic pillar the Kirkland brand is.

  2. The 30 challenger brands shaking up their industries - Link
    Oatly also stars in Friday’s week’s Must Reads.

  3. The chain email that got venture capitalists interested pitch deck - Link
    What is old is new again, was is uncool, becomes cool.

  4. Lucky China, missing the desktop computer revolution and how WeChat killed email popularity - Link

  5. Improve email delivery rates (other than stop sending the same rubbish emails at the same time your competitors do like the flowers examples at the top) - Link

  6. Spotify’s most recent exclusive podcast, TikTok star and her mom - Link
    Spotify also announced their launch of video podcasts. Think of the famous Joe Rogan style video first pods.

  7. Why fashion should follow the sneaker playbook - Link
    The sneaker reseller market (think stockx) is huge and could really drive fashion recovery

  8. Coca Cola lost a lot of revenue in Q2, was it down to lack of marketing and placed advertising nudges IRL, think of all the signs, the advertising in-store and when you are out eating and drinking - Link

  9. Buzzfeed News exclusive on how Facebook staff are wrestling with the harm that Facebook has done at scale - Link
    Just think about the impact Facebook has had and the money it has made from advertising.

  10. Think newsletters don’t make money? The morning brew is on course to bring in $20m revenue this year - Link

    Great Week For Must Read Growth Articles

Here is an image I created from my recent presentation 27 learnings that explain need states and action states.

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