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Must Reads Sunday 17th May 2020 | Today’s Must Reads includes why introverts are excelling leading through this crisis, enlightening Subreddit trends, Amazon winning in beauty, and how music is reacting to the changing landscape.
This weekend’s 5 top tips from COO & fitness nut Keith Williams.

—Sunday Must Reads—

  1. 100: Why introvert leaders excel during a crisis 💯 - Link
    Jumpman - this is also a good read on the great a—hole fallacy & being a leader 🏀 - Link

  2. Snap: How to conduct a photoshoot (campaign) via FaceTime 📸 — Link

  3. Green Fingers: Subreddits data shows gardening is trending right now 🌵 - Link

  4. Music Is Evolving
    - Bud x Black Eyed Peas
    : Bud and BEP’s are joining forces to host a live YouTube concert driven by fans selecting songs by social 🎤 - Link
    - Meanwhile Katy Perry quietly used Amazon Alexa to release her brand new KP5 album 🗣- Link

  5. GQuiz: A look into the world of the insanely popular Google Doc Quiz 📑 - Link

  6. Amazon Beauty: Beauty has seen sales on Amazon spike, will Amazon be a new home for the multi-billion $ beauty industry 💄- Link

  7. Social Royalty - Innocent owns social again 👏 -

    —Lastly, have you ever said I knew I should have invested or I wonder how much I would have made if I had invested in x, this Wayback machine is very cool at finding out how much you would have made - Link


—5 Tips—

Keith Williams is an ex-colleague, an ironman and ironman coach (he did a cool 262miles in 24 hours last weekend streamed live) and is the COO at funraisin a new fundraising platform for charities. Keith is super passionate about making people healthier and making a difference. Keith offers 5+ tips

  1. Have your "active" whatever being active is for you

  2. Break down silos and empower everyone to build their plan to hit your plan

  3. Be human in every difficult situation

  4. Be consistent in making decisions - I make nearly all difficult/important decisions in 3 steps: 1) customers 2) employees/team 3) financials

  5. Focus on a max of three things at one time - be led by the most important and the essentials that drive success.
    + Bonus: Be yourself, that’s not to say don't evolve, develop, gain feedback. However, be you and only work in environments where "you" is great for the org and you

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—Going A Little Deeper—

Facebook acquires Giphy 🎯- Link

  • Mission: Sticks to Giphy message of ‘adding more emotion to communication’

  • Growth: Joining the Instagram team (very unlikely to separate) is a 1+billion audience out of the box you can play with differently and build affinity with.
    The Instagram Growth team will see this a huge opportunity and have fun inside the Giphy machine.

  • Personalisation @ Scale: We could see more integration and personalisation of videos (think IGTV, IG Live) with Gifs

  • Video: Giphy launched a new video service and offers a different platform and distribution for Instagram, powerful as video struggles to spread or live outside of Instagram

  • Reactions: Giphy is the reactions provider across so many other platforms, powering gifs across all devices and platforms, think device level iPhone, Android, across the major social networks & importantly across the numerous messaging platforms (Facebook famously said iMessage was their biggest competitor

  • Data: Giphy app is popular and has stayed popular since its launch, now serving 300m DAU’s, its integration as a keyboard extension continues insight and data gathering for Facebook. Provides an ability to look at trend data, leveraging and mapping to live events and tv shows
    —Provides a data-driven way to understand emotions from the users and the context of what they have put and where

  • Trust: Its a positive for Instagram - Giphy provides a different level of trust and relationship with studio heads, creators and creative industry

  • Money: Insta-Giphy could turn gifs into actual ad formats…think about the opportunity with gif stickers

Thanks for reading and the great feedback from Friday. Enjoy your week ahead. 
See you again on Friday.
Danny Denhard 
~ Advisor & Consultant