Marketing Must Reads 31st July

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  1. This Nike advert (must be inspired by TikTok editing) is goosebump driving - Link

  2. Cool use of Instagram from Wilson Tennis 🎾 - Link

  3. Another example of how hashtags are misinterpreted**, nicely explained by stand out journalist Taylor Lorenz - Link

  4. Greggs with social media gold - Link

  5. Whoppa vs Whopper - Link

  6. TikTok offering up it’s algorithm is the ultimate powerplay - Link
    If you were Facebook, Twitter or Instagram you should worried as TT knows how the algo isn’t what makes them it’s the product use case and the audience it can drive.

  7. NPR planet money is reaching gen z via...TikTok and they are loving it - Link

  8. Quitting is ok, especially if you experience yuck moments - Link

  9. Drop Collabs Work....KFC Crocs - Link

  10. The power of red rope/exclusivity in marketing drops - Link

  11. This ASO (App Store Optimisation) recap post is good (if you aren’t an ASO expert of course) - Link

  12. Facemask ads are seen favorably by consumers - Link

  13. 🇨🇳 Chinese Search And Apps Tencent's - WeChat’s way to supercharge the app and search - Link

  14. Consumers have shifted from preferred Brands in lockdown - Link

  15. “Our competition is only a click away" - Google Co-Founder Larry Page - well not anymore